Coverings 2022 trade show booth rentals and custom exhibits

Dec 2, 2021

Coverings 2022 will bring together hundreds of experts from the ceramic tile and natural stone industry to make connections, showcase their new products, and grow their business. Exhibitors will display their latest tile and stone creations, as well as products and equipment for installation, accessories, finishes and more.

Which is exactly what attendees are looking for!

Attendees will walk the North and Central halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, to discover the hundreds of companies who come from all corners of the globe for Coverings 2022. They’ll search booths for product innovations and new insights, speak with exhibitors to make new connections, and attend workshops to gain knowledge.

Question is, will you be there to greet them?

Already planning to attend and need an exhibit? Contact Coverings 2022 trade show booth builder, Exhibit Experience today.

Show Hours and Information

Tuesday, April 5 – Friday, April 8, 2022
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

Coverings 2022 has partnered with onPeak to provide attendees and exhibitors convenient hotel options at special rates. Visit Coverings 2022’s Official Hotel webpage to book your hotel. They have also worked with travel companies to help you get around Las Vegas while you’re there. You can find out more on their Travel webpage.

Coverings 2022 and their vendor partners are closely monitoring policy changes. The safety of all present at the event is very important. They’re recording all safety policy updates on their website; visit their Your safety is important to us page.

Not sure how to prepare for this event? We’ve got the advice you need! If this is your first show, contact a local Las Vegas exhibit house, such as ours, prior to booking your booth to get advice on which booth size and configuration you need.

Exhibit Experience Guide

Exhibitors at Coverings 2022 can expand their customer base, be discovered by buyers, industry thought leaders and press, showcase their new products, and grow their business. You’ll want to ensure your booth can captivate your target audience. To do this, you need to know who you’re speaking to.

Organizers expect over 20,000 attendees to Coverings 2022. These attendees include professionals and industry leaders who are:

  • 29% Distributors
  • 13% Specifiers (Architects/Designers)
  • 10% Retailers
  • 9% Fabricators
  • 9% Builders/Remodelers
  • 8% Installers
  • 7% Manufacturers and Suppliers

Better yet, 87% of Coverings attendees play some role in buying decisions:

  • 50% have the final purchasing decision.
  • 27% make recommendations for the final purchasing decision.
  • 10% have some say in purchasing decisions.

Coverings 2022 exhibit booths require expert administration, management, and design, with the show and brand needs in mind. Over the past few years, we have delivered hundreds of booths in a variety of configurations to the Las Vegas Convention Center. Our expert design staff and build teams understand the unique challenges of marketing your brand at Coverings 2022. We are also up-to-date on all safety and health guidelines.

Depending on your target audience and product, certain booth sizes are better suited for certain products. An exhibit house that has never built for the Coverings 2022 show may not provide the right booth size for your needs. This could mean missed opportunities to connect with potential new business partners; you’ll get lost in the crowd.

These are the booth sizes we suggest, as well as their specific advantages. Contact us to find out how we can set your company up with one of these quality booths – so you can ensure the spotlight falls on you at Coverings 2022.

10 x 10 Exhibit Rentals:

10 x 10 Exhibit Rentals are ideal for exhibitors who have a single product to display or smaller items in collections. You have room for multiple display cases, 3D graphic wall, custom light display and flooring, and one seating configuration.

10 x 20 Exhibit Rentals:

10 x 20 Exhibit Rentals are a good solution for those showing a few large products or a variety of smaller products. It has 20 feet of graphic back wall, multiple seating configurations for demonstrations and education, in addition to custom light and flooring that come standard with our exhibit rentals.

20 x 20 Exhibit Rentals:

In previous years, we would recommend an exhibit of this size or our custom configurations because they offer demonstration space, enclosures for private viewing, and dozens of other configuration options. However, we understand that many companies have limited budgets this year. If you want to elevate your booth above the rest, ask us about these options.

Need some help with your booth? Local Las Vegas tradeshow booth builder for the upcoming Coverings 2022 show, Exhibit Experience is here for you! We will:

  • Design and build your exhibit to the right specs
  • Provide 24-hour support throughout the trade show.
  • Set up and take down your booth

Exhibit Experience is a local Las Vegas Exhibit House that offers turnkey exhibit booth rental services. We have over two decades of experience delivering custom exhibits and custom modular exhibits that see instant results.

Preferred trade show booth builder for the upcoming Coverings 2022 show in Las Vegas, NV, Exhibit Experience produces state-of-the-art exhibits within a variety of budgets. From custom to pre-certified exhibits, we’ll have the booth you need to show your company the right way. Our exhibit management services are all-inclusive, from design to delivery. We will deliver your exhibit on time, on budget, and following all safety protocols.

If you are interested in local tradeshow exhibit rentals for the upcoming Coverings 2022 show and don’t know where to begin, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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