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Mar 20, 2019

The Exhibitor Buyer Journey

Exhibitors looking for new booths have many options. Custom exhibits, exhibit rentals, and custom modular exhibits are the most popular and according to their corporate protocols, they submit RFPs to exhibit houses. According to the survey, 3.6 requests are made on average. An exhibit house will then create a design that adheres to the brand guidelines, offers solutions within the space and requirements of a convention center.

The Exhibit House Procurement Process

Exhibit Houses estimate that they exhibitors request 5.5 RFPs per one project, which this survey proves is inaccurate, however, it offers the motivation behind many of the business practices procuring business. With client competition high, the exhibit house chooses carefully which clients to pursue. 36% of exhibitors share information obtained in a proposal and Exhibit Houses reported that they are 42% more selective when choosing clients, partly for this reason. The costs for producing a proposal with a budget of $100,000 is over $6,000, according to custom houses polled and is a reason that 7/10 RFPs make it to a proposal.

How does an exhibitor make its’ selection of Exhibit House?

Of those companies that respond to the RFP, 41% are allowed to present in person, 36% are required to present in person, and 23% only accept mailed in proposals. Most of our presentations are emailed, and in person whenever it is allowable and skype is used to get the specifications to develop out the RFPs. According to the survey, the following elements are what the businesses base their decisions on, in order of importance, creativity, appropriateness of design, price, the personality of firm, the personality of account executive, adherence to the direction in RFP, financial stability of the firm, experience with exhibit related technology, in house production facility, firm’s portfolio, information from references, firm location, and impressive client list.

The Exhibit Experience Model

Based on the above important criteria in selecting the right proposal and exhibit house, Exhibit Experience is a complete solution. We are local in Orlando and Las Vegas with representatives worldwide. Our company offers services wherever you are headquartered and where the trade shows take place. Our designs and technology allow us to deliver complimentary proposals within ten days. The booth style our designers create is most often custom modular, built with a lightweight and durable matrix material. Our bottom line is substantially less than most custom exhibit houses because of our location and the products we use to make our microenvironments. We pass this savings directly to our client in good faith that they will make the right decision. Our Google rankings and reviews are almost perfect. The entire team works in locations that offer design, project management, and build technology so there are complete transparency and communication on what can and cannot be delivered and what time frame it can be done. Services are completely turnkey and from experienced skilled labor to concierge style service at the show, we offer superior service, at a great price.

Custom, Modular, Custom Modular

We deliver custom booths, modular booths, and custom modular booths within 120 days. Our designs are deliverable within 10 days, and our phone hours are 24 hours a day. Since we understand the purchasing power of the tradeshow floor and the importance of a great booth with maximum utility, we streamlined our costs to make it affordable and sustainable for our clients. Contact a member of our team for a custom quote.

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