Best Practices for your Trade Show Stand Rental Staffing

Mar 29, 2019

Trade Show Stand Rentals can be creative, expertly built, and offer full functionality, regardless of their size. However, if your staff misses the mark in presentation and trade show behavior, you will lose critical business. As local Las Vegas and Orlando trade show exhibit builders, we have delivered thousands of booths and watched as some of them soared in performance, and suffered in performance, because of their staff. Below are some big NOs in trade show stand rental staff behaviors and how to address them prior to the show.

Come Here Often? And other phrases that WILL NOT get your booth the Attention it Deserves
There are no stupid questions, but there are definitely questions that will not keep your audience in your booth. How are you today? May I help you? These are great soft openings for retail, but in a trade show where you have 3 seconds to make a decision to stay or go, your staff needs to be equipped with the right questions. Also, questions need to follow a sequence that narrows down the answers prior to a pitch. For example, which booths do you think make an impact, then I see you work at xyz company, what do you do there? Then, have you used our products before and how did you hear about us? This leads the conversation and allows your pitch to unfold naturally. Offer some questions in addition to your brand positioning info prior to the show to your staff so they are equipped to close, not scare off attendees.

The Drone

It is great to prepare for a show with company and product statistics, however, if you find that you launch into the narrative of a life time prior to asking a question or two to your attendee, you will lose them. Droning on and on while an attendees eyes glaze over is a big mistake. See the above suggestions for opening questions that pique interest and maintain a dialogue rather than just giving tons of information, which an attendee may not care about. The Drone method also wastes tons of time, time better spent qualifying.

Sorry, I was Chewing

Even if you are at the National Restaurant Show, or Sweets and Snacks show, eating at your booth is absolutely off limits. Staff needs to eat, of course, but serving a company lunch in the middle of your booth shows you care about your staff, not delivering your product presentations, and that will be a problem for your attendees. Prior to the show schedule out breaks for food, have discreet energy bars in your lockable storage, and if you have an exhibit house, like ours, they will often provide space and information on where the best places to eat are and provide you with catering options, to be consumed discreetly.

That’s a Wrap, but wait

Show slowing down? You finished your work early? Sorry folks, tradeshow hours are tradeshow hours and you never know who will walk into your booth next. Walking into a booth and seeing staff lounging on the seating configurations looks lazy to say the least and uninterested in presenting the booth. Trade show stand rentals are expensive, so is the raw space, do not waste a moment of the time that the floor is open.

Reception is Terrible in Here

Cell phones are inescapable on the trade show floor, but your staff should absolutely not have a cell phone unless they are part of the marketing engine. Sales staff should have all technological devices programmed prior to the show and loaded with presentations, and that is it. Swiping on social media, texting, is all very distracting and rude to your attendees.

Exhibit Experience offers staffing service, training, and onsite concierge show service as part of our turnkey promise with our trade show stand rentals.

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