Just Released: Inside LED Skins for your Trade Show

Feb 13, 2019

Feb 7, 2019

Orlando and Las Vegas Headquarters

Sustainable Exhibits LLC

Announcing LED Skins Integrative Technology with BeMatrix

February 7, 2019

Exhibit Experience, of Sustainable Exhibits LLC, is pleased to announce new LED Skins Technology through BeMatrix. In anticipation of this announcement, the Exhibit Experience team is in a beta testing and design mode at our premier headquarters of Orlando and Las Vegas, in order to launch a sales campaign for this product. Incentive programs are available for a short period for clients looking to showcase their marketing on a broader level with LED Skins. If you are interested in LED Skins for your next trade show exhibit, contact a member of our team at rentals@exhibitexperience.com.

Graphics that do not require projection? Continuous loop messaging without LED Screens? It is all possible with the LED Skins. These LED Screens cover your booth in conjunction with standard graphics. The P2 Series LED Tiles are completely flat and seamless on BeMatrix frames. They have a 2.5 or 2.8 mm pixel level for clarity and are the thinnest available for modular systems. Installation is tool-less and these screens are designed to be transported in flight cases for secure transportation.

Advantages of the All in one P2 Design 

Aluminum Cabinet Frames for Lightness

Easy Lock system for tool-free connection

One person set up with Easy Grip Handles

Slots for Fabric Fill

Bottom adjustable foot for raised floor construction

Protective Edges to prevent contact with the ground

Interchangeable aluminum power box

LCD Info display with timers for operating hours, temperature controls and software

Magnetic Alignment and position pins for precise mounting

FAQ: LED Skins

What are LED Skins?

LED Skins are led screens mounted instead of traditional PVC, vinyl or fabric graphics. They have quick mounts and are pre-wired to receive programming data from any Microsoft 2000 materials.

Can LED Skins be Rigged?

LED Skins have a rigging bar system for suspended construction, secured by a quick lock.

What are the configuration options for LED Skins?

Endless. With LED Screens they are used just as you would use graphics. They can be configured to tunnels, display, curved or concave, video walls, corners, and back to back to name a few. Additionally, they can replace traditional hanging signs.

How do you put LED Skins together?

One person uses the Easy Grip handles, positions screens with magnetic alignment and positioning pins, adjusts the quick lock, and wires with a silicone flex power cable. That’s it!

What is the Maintenance on the P2 LED Skins?

The screens have front and rear access to an interchangeable power box with LED module. Positioning pins and tighteners allow quick access to the power box with a magnetic tool to replace LED modules.

What are the technical specifications on the LED Skins?

Depending on the model, there are two data ports that support 40 tiles, and 4 data ports to control 75 tiles. The pixels are 2.58 and 2.82 mm. Viewing angle is 140 degrees and 120 degrees. Viewing distance is 2.5-8.2 ft. and 2.8-9.18 ft. Cabinet Dimensions are 19.53 x 19.53 x 2.17. Cabinet weight is 18.96 lb. Power boxes: 2.5 is Nova A8S and 2.8 is Nova A4S. The operating system is Windows 2000 XP, Vista, 10. Brightness is 1000 nits. Grayscale is 14 bit. Contrast is 5000:1.

What is the ROI on LED Skins versus more traditional graphics?

Traditional trade show signage and LED screen projections are amplified through this new technology. In a world where the attention span on a given object is about as long as the attention span of a goldfish (3 seconds), these LED Skins capture the attention of an audience from across a trade show floor. Messaging loops and imagery can be programmed up to the minute prior to the show, allowing your marketing team to make announcements, to distribute new materials, and to adjust to the trade show floor almost instantaneously. This return is immeasurable. Dynamic messaging and high-resolution imaging can tell a story and distribute your brand narrative and content, unlike any advancement we have seen in trade show marketing.

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