Top 3 Trade Shows Europe from Exhibit Experience

Jun 5, 2019

Exhibit Experience is pleased to offer the top 3 pics for the 2019 Trade Shows Europe summer calendar. In the US the trade show calendar is relatively empty, save a few major shows including, InfoComm, Cosmoprof, and Las Vegas Summer Market, and our exhibitors may experience some slow downs in sales on account of the trade show calendar and lag after attending high performing shows in the Spring or Winter. We have the answer. If you are looking to increase your sales, test a new market, gain press, or release a new product, European Summer Trade Shows are an excellent way to spend your summer wisely. These are not small trade shows in the French Alps with Chocolate and low key appeal either, the three top trade shows we are highlighting have billions in market power and attract hundreds of thousands of attendees in industries that are top producing. If you are considering showing in Europe this summer, contact our staff!

2019 Trade Shows Europe 

Gamescom= G2E 

If you attend G2E in Las Vegas, Gamescom is a must attend. It is the largest interactive gaming expo in the world and it is coming to Cologne on August 21-24. Cologne is centrally located to every major European city and is widely considered the trade show epicenter in Europe for hosting the biggest industry events. Gamescom will draw over 250,000 attendees to Cologne and it is the largest interactive gaming convention in the world.

US Show Comp and How to Modify your Exhibit?

If you attend and show at G2E, you need to show at Gamescom. From licensing technology to gaming demonstrations, to manufacturing and supplies, Gamescom will have all of these exhibit types and more. Exhibit Experience is a local Las Vegas exhibit house and we have delivered hundreds of exhibits to G2E in Las Vegas, its’ contemporary across the pond. Some distinctions for showing across the pond in gaming are critical to understanding before contracting a builder in Germany. You will need to have raised flooring, different lighting, and electric requirements, and most exhibits in Europe are single-use exhibits made of organic materials. We recommend a booth of at least 20 x 20 to accommodate demonstration space, a seating configuration, lighting, and AV integration, long, mid, and short range signage, to make the most impact.


IFA is from September 6-11 and will draw over 225,000 attendees to Berlin, Germany. IFA is the Consumer electronics and appliance show for Europe and this industry is truly massive. Topics discussed and innovations introduced have been known to change history. AI and VR feature prominently on a consumer electronics trade show floor and robots were first unveiled there. You can expect to see these innovations in addition to the new products of the major players such as Nespresso, Sony, Lenovo, and Samsung.

US Show Comp and How to Modify Your Exhibit?

If you attend and show at CES, you need to show at IFA. The trade show purchasing power of this show is massive and the international executives that will be in attendance are looking to buy, supply, or manufacture with your brand. In order to capture the right audience with your exhibit, you will need to show a bit differently than in at CES for a number of reasons, first, is expenses. While labor is much less expensive in Europe, the service is not standardized. We guarantee our service whether it is in our Las Vegas headquarters or any other time zone. Another element to consider is that the booths are more often than not organic and disposable. We design the exhibit for the European show with raised floors to account for electric and also with organic materials. You do not sacrifice on style, and our designers are well aware of industry and geographic standards of booth design and feasibility. For products, we recommend at least a 10 x 20 exhibit rental for this show and for service, a more conservative size will accommodate just a few team members.


AGRA is the Agriculture and Food show taking place from August 24-29 in Gornja Radgon, Slovenia. This event will draw over 120,000 attendees and it seeks to bring both producers and consumers together, in addition to a component on education, food security, and technology in the industry.

US Show Comp and How to Modify Your Exhibit?

If you attend and show at PMA, you need to attend and show at AGRA. Not only does AGRA represent farming industries and livestock, it includes technologies and supply chains that are not represented the same way as in the United States. The luxury European products are desirable to many American buyers and the product is different. We recommend a disposable organic exhibit of 10 x 30 configuration with raised flooring, and custom product display.

Exhibit Experience has delivered hundreds of exhibits worldwide and our packages are flexible to meet the needs and trade show schedules of clients. Contact our project management team today to get a quote for a European Show or a full world tour!


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