RSNA 2019 Exhibit Rental Guide

Sep 16, 2019

RSNA 2019 Exhibit Rental Guide

The Radiological Society of North America will draw over 52,000 people to Chicago’s McCormick Place from December 1-6. This trade show offers continuing education, advanced certifications, new product demonstrations, technology seminars, and multiple networking events. Exhibit Experience offers all-inclusive services for your RSNA 2019 Exhibit Rental, in addition to event and networking services off the floor. We have locations in Orlando and Las Vegas, but we are well established as a Chicago exhibit house. Below we offer some tips for showing in 2019 at RSNA and what to expect this year.

Who What Where When RSNA

52,000 radiologists, inventors, innovators, teachers, distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers meet annually in Chicago for RSNA, and this year is December 1-6. Peer review journal release, awards, teaching, demonstrations, and of course the exhibit floor, are all part of the RSNA Annual Meeting. McCormick Place is the largest trade show conference center in the United States and is the home to RSNA. The McCormick Place is located in the heart of Downtown Chicago, right on beautiful Lake Michigan, and is accessible by bus and train. Chicago also has easy to use rideshare and regulated taxi service. Accommodations and transportation plans are also available through the website for RSNA and they manage all of their own booking and group rates. We highly recommend booking for your team directly through the show site for guaranteed rates.

Exhibiting at RSNA

Over 1000 exhibitors will be on the trade show floor and some of the latest technologies will be unveiled from 3D printing to new scanning techniques to VR and AI assistance and implementation. If you are looking to make a statement with your product, service, or brand, you will need to make sure that your exhibit delivers a cohesive trade show message in the space allowed. First choose your exhibit, then follow a few tips for 2019 exhibiting in tech and medicine, and we are always available to assist your marketing and staff with our totall inclusive exhibit solutions.

Custom, Custom Modular, and Modular Exhibits

Choosing your exhibit should be a decision based on needs, budget, and year on year wear. If you have a robust trade show calendar and a staff to manage your exhibits in marketing, a custom exhibit is a great asset. However, if you are attending lots of trade shows in a variety of locations internationally, also with a decent budget, you are going to want a package for exhibit rentals. Lastly, if you are really looking for a one time solution or a solution that you can just plug in and plug out for brand recognition, a modular exhibit is your solution.

Exhibit Experience offers all three configurations with amenities that can bring the booth to the standards that exceed expectation of competitors. Some of the biggest trends on the trade show floor in 2019 are LED skin walls, projected visual communications, and interactive promotional materials. LED Skins are rapidly replacing graphics walls because they offer instant video loops for exhibitors that can be edited based on any demographic or metric observed on the floor. Visual projections are gaining notoriety because you no longer need the 20 x 20 booth to get the exposure of the long range overhead signage when you can project a message. Lastly, the interactive promos really solidify a brand message in the memory of an attendee because they are associated with muscle memory.

If you are interested in implementing any of these new trends on the exhibit floor for your RSNA 2019 Exhibit Rental, consider calling Exhibit Experience before booking your booth. We offer designs in ten days or less and are top ranked on Google. Reach out to our staff today,

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