Railway Interchange Exhibit Guide

Jun 21, 2019

Railway Interchange 2019 Exhibit Guide

Choo Choo! Railway Interchange trade show is pulling into the station at the Minneapolis Convention Center from September 22-25. Over 9,000 of the worlds foremost Railway executives and technicians will be in attendance to discuss the challenges and triumphs of rail travel. What better time to market this trade show to our exhibitors than a little over a week away from July 4. Our founding fathers were some of the world’s innovators in rail travel and rail travel and the transport of goods, services, and people have arguably shaped this nation. Below see some show details, how to show best at this show, and our suggestions for innovative and fun exhibits. Hint: yes we have built an actual rail car from modular framework.


What is Railway Interchange?

Railway Interchange is a combined railway industry event that integrates the following association events, AREMA Conference (American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association), technical presentations by the Coordinated Mechanical Associations,  and the exhibition presented by REMSA (Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association), RSSI (Railway Systems Suppliers), and RSI (Railway Supply Institute). This event will feature education, presentations, technical briefings, industry briefings, and exhibition hall showcasing all new products, software, and services released for 2019.

Where, When, and How do I go?

Railway Interchange is held at the Minneapolis Convention Center from September 22-25 and the accommodations and travel are coordinated by the show partner, Conference Direct. Exhibit Experience recommends contacting the travel show partner as soon as possible to book your travel, in coordination with your exhibit planning.

How do I show?

Hundreds of companies will be showing at Railway Interchange and each organization has an exhibit hall, the RSI Hall, REMSA Hall, and the RSSI Hall. Each hall has a distinct character and your brand should choose your hall wisely.

Show at RSI Hall if you are:

  • Locomotive, Freight Car and Tank Car Manufacturers
  • Mechanical Systems and Component Suppliers
  • Railway Measurement & Maintenance Systems
  • Rolling Stock Leasing Services
  • Railroad Shippers
  • Among many other rail industry services

Show at REMSA Hall if you are:

  • Track Safety & Inspection
  • Track & Rail Maintenance
  • Track Machinery & Tools
  • Track Structure Components & Supplies
  • Non-Track Bound Products & Services

Show at RSSI Hall if you are:

  • Communication Systems
  • Signal Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Crossing Components & Systems
  • Wayside Information Systems
  • Power Switches

When you contact show organizers for registration and choose your exhibit hall, consider next your exhibit strategy. Will you rent, buy, or try to put together your own exhibit?  We recommend a custom modular rented exhibit for a number of reasons. For the Railway Interchange we suggest custom elements such as model train components integrated with AV, and delivered with promotional products that are interactive but set on modular frames. In 2019, the exhibits that perform the best are those that have the ability to be interactive and have dynamic looped video elements in place of high resolution graphics. Exhibit Experience offers the latest in dynamic branding with lighting and video looping, whether you are projecting or are using LED skins.

Exhibit Experience uses BeMatrix modular framework and LED Skins combined with proprietary customized elements fabricated in our Orlando and Las Vegas facilities. Each exhibit is designed specifically with your brand guidelines in mind and our project management teams deliver hundreds of exhibits annually all over the world.  Every exhibit we design and deliver we try to do better.

Are you considering exhibiting at the Railway Interchange and do not know where to begin? Call Exhibit Experience and map out your exhibiting strategy, and explore the options and solutions for your team for the Railway Interchange 2019. We offer design to delivery service within 60 days and are licensed and insured exhibitor appointed contractors.

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