Guide to the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston

Jul 12, 2021

The 150th annual meeting of the NRA is held this year in Houston, Texas. Registration is open now! Is your exhibit ready?

Held at the George E. Brown Convention Center, this event displays a range of NRA-based products, from firearms to ammunition and all the gear that complies with the National Rifle Association requirements. Additionally, attendees and exhibitors will have the option of attending exclusive seminars, music events, and speeches given by celebrated members in the field. The NRA Show is open to all members of the National Rifle Association. However, special events, such as the BBQ Evening Thursday and the Saturday night concert, require event tickets.

Is your business considering showing at the NRA Show? Read on for our Exhibit Guide, plus a few tips on how you can make your booth stand out from the crowd.

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Who attends the NRA Show?

These attendee statistics indicate great potential returns for exhibitors, especially those trying to reach target shooting and guns. In 2018,

  • Gender:
    • 79% were male
    • 21% were female
  • Spending:
    • 78% spend more than $500 per year on sporting equipment
    • 77% reported spending in excess of $100 at the show.
  • Future sales: 94% departed planning to purchase $100 or more within the 12 months following the show.
  • Activity:
    • 74% spent more than two days at the show
    • 78% came specifically to view the exhibit hall.

Attendee Interests

  • 83% of attendees are interested in Target Shooting.
  • 55% are gun collectors
  • 49% are hunting advocates
  • 39% are ammunition loading enthusiasts
  • 30% are competitive shooting
  • 28% are gunsmiths

What do you need to know about exhibiting?

When you reserve your booth – or if you’re still trying to decide if you should – there is a lot of information to take in. Here is a rundown of what we believe are the most important FAQs.

Display Rules and Regulations:
The NRA show has very specific rules and regulations for how different booths should be built, designed, and set up. You can read all the rules and regulations on their website.

Exhibit Experience knows how to create exhibit booths that shine while following the many different rules set out by the show organizers. Our team of experts is ready and waiting for your call.


The convention center provides electricity, internet, and telephone service with booth rentals.

Trade Show Floor Layout:

The placement of your booth within the trade show floor is one of the most important factors in your booth’s performance. Be sure to discuss the available options with your project management team at Exhibit Experience.

Hotels and Getting to the Show:

There are numerous hotels and RV parks in the Indianapolis area, and the international airport offers direct service to all major airports in the domestic United States. VIP packages are available on the NRA show website.

What does Exhibit Experience Recommend at the NRA Show?

Standing out at the NRA Show is a must. A well-crafted booth with semi-custom flooring and display cases can make or break your sales teams’ numbers at this show and follow up sales. Here are a few of our recommendations to help you set yourself up for success.

A 20×20 booth size for the best exposure.

A booth this size allows for multiple configurations and display options. You can bring show attendees in and give them the one-on-one sales pitch that will take them from interested to committed.

Fully trained staff

Running a booth at a show is very different from working the floor in your store. You’ll be competing against multiple other companies, all using similar techniques to attract their crowd. Having competent and skilled salespeople in charge of your booth will ensure you get a return on your investment.

Audio visuals to showcase your brand

Good audio and visual components inform; great ones draw people in. When you add an audio and visual component to your booth, you’re ensuring that attendees will know who you are right from the get-go.

Eye-catching colors, so you can stand out.

Did you know that specific colors evoke specific emotions? It’s called color psychology, and it’s used in everything from interior design to marketing, to logos, and more. Back in 2019, we experimented with color psychology at the 2019 NRA show – and it was a success. So, this year we’re bringing those colors back.

  • Fiesta
    Red is associated with power, determination, and passion, according to Color Psychology. You’ll see red used in sales a lot. Fiesta is an exciting, radiant twist on the stark red we usually see at the NRA show. Use this for:

    • Backgrounds on a modern graphics wall
    • Panel that provides dimension to a smaller booth
    • A solid panel wall in a booth.
  • Jester Red
    This is deeper than fiesta, adding an elegant touch. Jester Red is similar to burgundy, a shade associated with higher classes and nobility. It is a classic color, often depicted in classic paintings and sportsman’s logos. Jester Red pairs well with neutral greys. Use it to soften a modern concept in a new exhibit design.
  • Pepper Stem
    Pepper Stem is a step up from a classic camouflage green. It is a fresh alternative that retains the natural undertones so celebrated at the NRA Show. According to Color Psychology, green symbolizes growth. Use Pepper Stem to showcase accessories designed for the great outdoors.
  • Eclipse
    Eclipse is a stately shade of blue. In Color Psychology, blue is all about the mind – intellect, trust, lack of emotion. Deep blues are frequently used in branding that wants to encourage trust from their clients and customers. This particular blue is an update to the cobalt or navy used in many lending or institutional logos and marketing. Use this:

    • With a brighter shade, or terrarium moss
    • As an alternative to dark grey in graphics

Get the full 2019 Pantone color guide at this link; it also includes the HEX, CMYK and RGB values.

Choose your color combination wisely when designing your booth. Remember to keep your audience in mind! Terrarium moss offset by Fiesta wouldn’t work for a restaurant or food-based trade show… but it would be a great modern and earthy look for MAGIC Las Vegas. Our experts at Exhibit Experience know how to make these four colors – and the thousands of other colors in our paint-box – work for your brand at the NRA show.

Make sure you stand out from the crowd with Exhibit Experience

Here are a few of the things we offer that will increase your sales and networking opportunities.

  • Multiple configurations and displays casings
  • Custom graphics
  • Multiple points of brand reinforcement with graphic walls and LED displays
  • Fully trained staff
  • Project managers to assist in selecting the correct placement within the convention center
  • Booth compliance with the guidelines of the NRA show

Having a team of designers, professional installers, and seasoned project managers at your disposal is critical to a great return on your investment in this trade show.

Contact Exhibit Experience today to help get your booth noticed.

Disclaimer: Exhibit Experience is not affiliated with the National Rifle Association or its’ representatives. All demographic and show information was derived from the NRA website, Please note that Exhibit Experience is not a general contractor. Exhibit Experience is an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor. An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) is any company other than one of the designated official contractors which an exhibitor wants to employ inside the exhibit hall before, during (by special pass and/or wristband), or after the show (Union Rules and Regulations apply). This includes all EAC display houses, display sales representatives, designers, EAC labor, supervisors, and any third party. No permission to use an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor will be given for the performance of the following services: Electrical, Plumbing & All Other Utilities Drayage / Forklift Operations, Booth Cleaning or Vacuuming, Century Security Form, Telephone / Communications, Rigging – Overhead or Genie Lift, Catering/ Food Service**

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