Must Attend in Asia this Summer: Trillions in Purchasing Power

May 3, 2019

Must Attend in Asia this Summer: Trillions in Purchasing Power!!!! This headline is not an exaggeration. The tradeshows in Shanghai alone represent trillion dollar industries and the new convention center in Shanghai hosts shows with over 100,000 attendees. You may be surprised that many of your highest grossing domestic shows are also high grossing shows in other markets, IAAPA, for example, is also in Europe and Shanghai. If you already show domestically and are looking to expand your brand power, increase distribution, or engage in a microfocus group, without the cost, you should consider these shows. Below are our top picks for showing in Asia this summer.

Asian Attractions Expo (AAE) 2019 – 2019/06/12-14

IAAPA is also known as the Asian Attractions Expo. It is the same event organizer as the IAAPA show Orlando, however, it represents all of Asia. Organizers anticipate over 8,500 buyers from 60 countries. The occupational breakdown is 56% senior management, 30% mid-level operations, and 14% supervisory. We have headquarters in Orlando and we have delivered thousands of exhibits to IAAPA and know what works. Further, our international team has anthropologists on staff to provide cultural cues to designers creating designs for Asian markets. If you are interested in expanding your attractions and amusements business or service to Asian markets, this show is just six weeks away and we can deliver a custom modular exhibit for under $30,000.

Trade Show Floor Hours

Wednesday, June 12 10:00-17:00
Thursday, June 13 10:00-17:00
Friday, June 14 10:00-15:00

Hi Fi Asia-China Shanghai 2019 – 2019/06/19-21

Have you heard of Hi Fi? Maybe not, but if you are in the food or health industries, this is the largest show in the world, and it launches this June from the 19-21. It is the combination of 5 shows in 1, and show organizers anticipate over 100,000 attendees. The Chinese food industry is a 11.35 trillion dollar industry. All sectors of the supply chain are represented at this show and your product has the potential to make a million dollar impact through distribution channels. While other companies are taking summer months off, or happily following up on this spring’s domestic trade shows, your business can be making major moves into other markets.

Trade Show Floor Hours

Wednesday, June 19 09:00-18:00
Thursday, June 20 09:30-18:00
Friday, June 21 09:30-15:30

ISPO Shanghai 2019 – 2019/07/05-07
ISPO, like IAAPA, is another show organized by a group that shows in multiple markets. ISPO also takes place in Beijing and Munich, and unites the sports industry with the following sectors Running, Health & Fitness, Water Sports, Outdoor and Manufacturing & Suppliers. Whether you are a sports drink or a running shoe manufacturer or any enhancement product in between, this show is a gateway to European and Asian markets. If you are looking to show at all of the ISPO shows, we can facilitate this through our international and multi-show packages. We have a dedicated team to these clients.

CBME Shanghai 2019 – 2019/07/24-26
Children, Baby, and Maternity Expo is the largest in the world in this industry. In order for the world to continue, we need babies. Every country has them, and it is a massive business. From the breast pump to diaper genie, the industry accompanying childcare is massive and this trade show floor represents billions of dollars. It is taking place from July 24-26, and there is a good amount of time to prepare as an exhibitor. Our diversity team understands the challenges of delivering exhibits to different trade shows and creating booths that are cross-culturally well performing, in addition to high producing on your trade show floor.

Trade Show Floor Hours
Wednesday, July 24 09:00-17:00
Thursday, July 25 09:00-17:00
Friday, July 26 09:00-15:30

Exhibit Experience is a turnkey exhibit house with headquarters in Las Vegas and Orlando, however many of our clients do not know that we also offer full global trade show services. Why show with an US-based trade show company in Europe or Asia? Isn’t it cheaper to find an exhibit company there? If you have additional staff in your marketing departments to address issues of permitting, insurance, certification, electric, and labor, you should consider hiring locally. If you are looking for one solution, one team of experts, one person to call for all of your shows, and a guarantee that your show will go off without a hitch, call Exhibit Experience.

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