Moss Products to Change the Exhibit Game: Lighting

Apr 26, 2019

Exhibit Experience is excited to announce that it will be a dealer of Moss Exhibit products. These innovative solutions in lighting, AV, and build construction are proven on the trade show floor and our clients and design team have been beta testing their application for several months. We are introducing some of the lighting technology below to give our clients an idea of how these technologies can change their trade show experience. The solutions are more costly than our standard builds and are not for every brand, so we are still offering all of our standard exhibit packages and these options are Exhibit Amenities for those exhibitors looking for something different, or something they can purchase and use in retail environments or at their headquarters in addition to on a trade show floor.

EMotion Animated Lightboxes:

eMotion is the fusion of LED lighting, high resolution printed graphics, and motion programming that elicits a variety of emotions from attendees. The speed of lighting and patterned graphics are customized to your brand specifications and these can be wall mounted on a linear display or hanging. Programming and graphics can be changed at your discretion with ease and the technology is lightweight, energy efficient, and offers a quick install. All of our new technologies through Moss are available for purchase and can be used at your HQ or stored for future trade shows in our multi-show package.

Project Mapping:

Project Mapping is another innovation that is increasingly popular on the tradeshow floor and started out in technology sectors. The animated projections are aimed anywhere in your exhibit from the ceiling to the floor, and offer dynamic vistas for your brand to communicate its’ message. It is an inexpensive and sustainable solution to graphics and highly customized flooring. You can create an underwater environment at DEMA or a growing garden for PMA. Some of the most interesting applications are in enclosed spaces. For example, in a conference room, you can simulate an entire dining experience for guests for the National Restaurant Show. This solution is both lighting and AV in its’ application and is inexpensive to implement.

Light Saver Lightboxes:

Energy efficient, mounted on walls or the ground, and graphics can be changed out in seconds. This solution can be permanent or a fixture at your next trade show. It is a solution for those brands committed to a more sustainable showing experience and will likely be seen at the Waste Expo.

PixLip Lightboxes:

These are the grab and go lightboxes of the future that replace the short-range graphic banner stand. You plug in these lightweight lightboxes and change graphics in minutes, and can add it to any stand, retail space, or HQ. We offer and encourage the purchase of these lightboxes because they are versatile and have many different applications.
Illuminedge Light Boxes: These lightboxes may replace the standard graphic walls with arm lights in the near future. They come in double-sided, curved, and wall mounted configurations, and are excellent for displaying 3D graphics. Illuminated from within, a graphic display in a completely different light. The edged box creates an experience that is different from spotlights.

If you are looking to implement new technologies in lighting, reduce your carbon footprint, or engage your customers in a new way, these lighting technologies are some of the products we currently offer. They do not substantially change pricing on our exhibit packages and we have witnessed a rise in animated and dynamic walls requests in 2019. Whether you are in securities and technology, or you are in the beauty industry, these products will increase engagement and keep your attendees in your booths longer. Contact our design team for a custom quote.

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