Long, Mid, and Short Range Signage Ideas for your Trade Show Stand

Mar 22, 2019

You have so many signage options for your Trade Show Stand. How do you stand out with signage and close deals with visual communication alone? We would like to offer a tour of signage options and how they work in our industry. Each vantage point on a trade show floor represents a range that coincides with an attendees journey through the trade show floor, into your booth, and finally hearing your pitch. You have only 3 seconds of a trade show attendees attention, according to The Center for Exhibition Industry Research, when they decide whether to enter your booth. Bad graphics and unclear branding should not be the reason you are not closing at your trade show. Join us in our exploration of graphics on the trade show floor.

Long Range Graphics

Long Range Graphics are the most visible graphics on a trade show floor and can consist of banners, hanging signs, and central towers, depending on your booth size and configuration. This is the first moment of impact from your brand to an attendee. The branding should be very simple and communicate who you are and only a small amount of your brand message. A logo, name, or message, in clear bold fonts, and contrasting colors. Your hanging sign can be used as a way-finder for attendees as well. This point of contact sets the tone for the rest of the visual communications to follow.

Mid Range Graphics

Mid Range Graphics are graphics that flank your booth and depending on the configuration can be comprised of murals or 3D signage walls, and in some cases, we see LED skins. LED skins are not technically graphics but are very compelling mid-range signage solutions because they offer reels of brand propositioning in real time at the show. Your mid-range signage should get the viewer into your booth, and out of your competitors. The graphics need to be crisp, tight to the matrix, if you are using modular materials and provide compelling pictures or brand propositions. There is no need for huge amounts of information, you can make your offer or incentivize your attendees with a promotional product. Your brand is now directly in the eye-line of your attendee or decision maker. These graphics should also let the individual know what industry segment you are in.

Short Range Graphics

Short range graphics are the banner signs that flank your booth. These can be placed anywhere in your configuration, but it is best to place them where you envision making deals. Banner signs communicate the most information. If you have statistics, facts, infographics, or relevant business data to close deals, these all go on your banners. Your banners are the closers in your visual communications journey. Your sales team, executives, and your clients are able to see what your product or brand is capable of achieving with the banners and deliver a pitch. In larger configurations, they are useful in conference rooms and throughout the seating configuration of your trade show stand.

From the long range to the short range, graphics and signage play an integral role in getting your trade show exhibit noticed. Some other factors to consider when designing a trade show stand because worldwide not all languages are read as in the West from left to right. Additionally, not all shows allow long-range signage. Be sure that you are working with an expert team of exhibit producers and builders because without experience your signage may actually hurt you and cost you money. Exhibit Experience has 25 years in the exhibit building business with headquarters in Orlando and Las Vegas, we know the industry standards in and out and can deliver a quality booth, with expert graphics, every time.

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