Global Guides: Abu Dhabi Trade Show Rentals

Jul 18, 2019

How to get  Abu Dhabi trade show rentals with United States style of service? Exhibit Experience offers that. We ship, deliver, install, dismantle, and manage exhibits all over the world and many of our clients require global services. Abu Dhabi is a relatively new destination in  the middle east for exhbitors and their customs and booth building varies widely from the United States or the rest of Europe. We deliver exhibits to conventions in Abu Dhabi regularly and offer our turnkey services. Below is a global guide to Abu Dhabi for exhibiting at your next trade show.

Trade Shows in Abu Dhabi

  • Abu Dhabi Hunting and Equestrian
  • Eurotier
  • Emirates Derma
  • BETT Middle East
  • Gulf Expo Middle East
  • Abu Dhabi International Boat Show
  • Jewelry and Watch Show
  • Middle East Games Con
  • International Franchise Exhibition




Crews are hired per job, rather than hourly, and depending on the convention hall, they will work well into the night. Labor is relatively inexpensive compared to the United States and they do not have unions. If you are looking to hire a crew, seek out the assistance of an exhibit house, as the organization will not provide crews.


Rather than meeting over dinner and drinks, exhibits are larger and casual meetings are expected to be conducted in your space. For this reason, we recommend larger exhibits with a section for hospitality and a section with a conference room.

Hospitality: Hospitality is expected in exhibits over 200 feet, food and beverage does not include alcohol but does include fruit, dates, nuts, beverages, coffee and tea.


VAT tax of 5% is standard across the UAE.


You need adapters, however the standard 220V is the same as across Europe. Electric can be bought from show organizers.

Signage and Print:

Signage and print materials should be printed in both Arabic and English.


Exhibit builders are responsible for removal of all waste. If you build a build and burn, you will need to prepare for waste fees. Daily cleaning service is available through show services.


International rates apply and disposable phones are readily available in the airport, however purchase of non pre paid is complicated and not recommended. Emergency calls are 999 and the fire department is 997.


Culture: Formal greetings are required and safe, a handshake with the right hand is proper. Greetings include “Salaam alaykum” (“Peace be upon you”), “Sabaah al-khayr” (“Good morning”), and “Masaa al-khayr” (“Good evening”)It is improper to take a womans photo without her express permission. Muslims pray in the middle of the day. Avoid designing your booth with Arab inspired art, as it is considered an insult.


Arabic is the language of Abu Dhabi, however most shows are in English. We recommend translators for larger exhibits.


Attire is formal and conservative. Tattoos and piercings should be covered and removed respectively, and women should not wear revealing clothing. There is no need for women to cover their heads, but be aware that it is a Muslim country and that is the custom.

Transport and Accomodations:

Taxi drivers do not speak English and your team should have cards telling drivers where to go at all times. You should book your accommodations with transport well in advance because accommodations book up very quickly.

Exhibit Experience offers fully turnkey rented exhibits and build and burn exhibits in Abu Dhabi and we provide international concierge style service to all of our clients. From install and dismantle to organizing during middle east business hours, we organize your show and offer tips to gain business in the middle east. Abu Dhabi exhibiting made easy with our service. If you are interested in attending in Abu Dhabi and exhibiting Abu Dhabi Trade Show Rentals, contact us at


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