Exhibit Experience Who Does What Trade Show Checklist for ISA 2019

Feb 14, 2019

Exhibit Experience is booking booths at record speed for the ISA 2019 Show in Las Vegas in April. If you have not booked your booth yet or contacted a local exhibit house to represent your interests and staff at the show, please contact us at rentals@exhibitexperience.com. Even if you have already contracted an exhibit house or are managing your booth on your own, there are some critical elements on the floor and point people that should be considered at the International Sign Association Show 2019. Knowing who is in charge of what element at critical moments of trade show install and breakdown are essential to showing well. Baseline elements such as power rigging and staffing are just some of the areas that Exhibit Experience handles, but there are more nuanced elements of trade show preparation that should be considered as well. Below we have broken down some areas that are delegated and expectations that can be managed by certain parties to a trade show. Enjoy ISA 2019! We have a complete guide here.

Convention Center: 

Convention Center will handle materials, rigging, food, and power. In fact, we are not permitted to perform tasks within their purview. Our teams can troubleshoot within the convention center and be point people in charge of elements of the booth if something goes wrong on their end. For the ISA 2019 show the enforcement of signage technical specifications will be strictly enforced, so it is very important that your signage and graphics are in accordance with show rules. See here.  

  1. What is the power supply and where is it located in proximity to my booth?
  2. What are the rigging requirements?
  3. What food is allowed and quantity per day?
  4. Load in and out time
  5. Point person for all operations questions (if you are handling your own booth)

Exhibit Experience has a full staff that provides the interface between your sales and executive staff and the convention center staff, in the event of an issue with either incidentals or baseline booth operations.

Your Exhibit House 

As a preferred local Las Vegas Exhibit House, we operate within your event budget and pre-generate documents and handling charges so they are not unforeseen when forecasting your show. Such documents include the power supply, rigging requirements, and lighting specifications. Additional charges that can apply to your design are power charges and materials handling, which we take into account. We provide complete onsite concierge service and teams on the ground to manage your shows install, breakdown, and shipping, in addition to management during the show. Included, but not mentioned in our services are offsite build, the design of booth, storage, and shipping.

What to ask your Exhibit House?

  1. Handling Costs
  2. Power Supply
  3. Graphics Needed
  4. Recommendations based on the booth for sales and marketing teams
  5. How is the booth being installed and dismantled?
  6. Who is the point person for my booth?
  7. Is there staff assigned directly to my booth?
  8. Flooring special instructions?

If you exhibit house does not have answers or does not provide the services above, you should consider Exhibit Experience for turnkey solutions for your ISA 2019 trade show. rentals@exhibitexperience.com

Your Team

Your team will need to provide all graphic designs, marketing materials, budget, sales team, marketing team, and executive team travel arrangements in place. We do not plan travel and it is a critical component for your team and should be planned well in advance. The graphics and marketing will depend on what your designs are, however, if you choose to do an LED Skin, you will need lead time for VR and advanced messaging.

  1. Travel Planning
  2. Marketing Materials
  3. Sales and Marketing Staff Plan
  4. Graphics and Marketing File Generation and Submission to exhibit house
  5. Accessories check


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