Exhibit Experience Guide to ISA Sign Expo 2019

Feb 12, 2019

Exhibit Experience is pleased to offer its’ guide to the ISA Sign Expo 2019. We have worked with dozens of clients at this trade show and as a local Las Vegas exhibit house, we have some valuable tips and tools for making your booth at this show, a success. This show has been in existence since 1947 and welcomes over 20,000 visitors with 600 vendors. Over 20,000 of the world’s leaders in signage, graphics, and visual communications convene at the Mandalay Bay and the marketing behind the marketing brands are some of the best in the business.

This year’s show is April 23- 26, with a pre-conference on April 23, and the main event from April 24-26. ISA is a 2,300 member trade association comprised of users, manufacturers, and suppliers of signs, graphics products, digital imagery, and innovation in all areas of visual communication. All offshoots of these industries are also represented at the show including distributors, retail manufacturers, and service providers. Visual communication is one of the mainstays of traditional marketing, at the banalest level, but the innovations and advancements in this industry with the advent of AI and VR have made the ISA Show an attraction for marketers beyond ISA members.

Benefits of Exhibiting

According to Sign Expo site, supported by exit poll numbers from 2018, 98% of attendees would recommend the show to colleagues, 84% purchase products between 1-6 months following the show, and 90% of exhibitors report this show being an integral part of their business success. Some of the reasons attendees visit this show is to find new products and services for their brand, learn about industry trends, find new vendors and suppliers, interact with current vendors, and network with fellow vendors.

Who attends ISA?

ISA reports that 34% of attendees are local sign companies, 28% are nonprofit related and public sector companies, 18% are printers, 10% are direct sign companies, 7% are design firms, and 3% are end users for signs.

Travel and Transport

onePeak is the official provider for the ISA Sign Expo and offers travel packages and group discounts for attendees. Reservations are limited and it is recommended to book early to secure space. Las Vegas offers a wide variety of accommodations and the Las Vegas International Airport has multiple direct flights domestically and internationally to service this show. Ride Share Car services are permitted in Las Vegas and taxis are widely available along the strip where the tradeshow will take place. Exhibit Experience does not expressly endorse hotels, however, the www.signexpo.com website has a number of preferred vendors on its’ site.

Guide to Standing out among the Signs at ISA, Exhibit Experience Product and Booth Spotlight

Standing out as a brand, within a show that is comprised of entirely visual communication experts, is one of the biggest challenges in the trade show industry. Exhibit Experience has a variety of custom modular and custom booths within innumerable configurations to make your booth attract the audience your brand deserves at the ISA Sign Expo. We offer 20×20 exhibits in inline, peninsula, and island configurations that are very popular for this show. One of the biggest trends in trade shows, specifically at the ISA Sign Expo, is the LED Skins.

LED Skins are the pinnacle of visual marketing, offering tiles that transform backdrops into interactive stages for your visual communications. No longer are static graphics the norm for transmitting brand information to thousands on the trade show floor, the LED Skin can function as a large screen for any communication your company is looking to showcase. They are programmable to show VR video loops, high-level videos, 3d experiences, and any number of programs for the duration of your show. If you are looking to explore the LED Skin at the ISA Expo or an affordable exhibit in any configuration, please contact rentals@exhibitexperience.com

Happy Showing!

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