Exhibit Experience Guide to AUSA

May 29, 2019

Exhibit Experience Guide to AUSA 2019 October 14-16

AUSA 2019 is coming, is your exhibit ready? This event unifies all members and suppliers to the United States Army and affiliates and this annual meeting communicates key annual initiatives.

Where, When, Who, What, How, Why


The AUSA Convention address is below and AUSA’s official travel partner is Convention Management Resources. Exhibit Experience does not recommend specific hotels or travel partners, outside of the official show partners. All rates and codes are guaranteed by the official partner. Washington DC Dulles Airport offers hundreds of direct domestic and international direct flights and the Marriot Marquis is the official hotel of the AUSA Show.

801 Mount Vernon Place
Washington, D.C. 20001
Telephone: 202-249-3000


October 14-16, 2019
Registration Onsite

Friday 11 October 0800-1700 West Registration
Saturday 12 October 0800 – 1700 West Registration
Sunday 13 October 0800 – 1800 East Registration
West Registration
Monday 14 October 0700 – 1900 East Registration
West Registration
Tuesday 15 October 0700 – 1700 East Registration
West Registration
Wednesday 16 October 0800 – 1930 East Registration
West Registration

Who Attends?

AUSA is not open to the public and you must register to attend and show at AUSA. Below are the groups that qualify to attend AUSA 2019.

  • Membership in AUSA
  • Employee of an Exhibiting Company
  • Government-Contracted employees with documented proof of a contractual relationship
  • Invited guest of an exhibiting company on exhibiting company letterhead
  • Employee of an AUSA National Partner or Community Partner
  • Membership in any component of the U.S. military
  • Civilian employee of the Federal Government
  • Member of an accredited Federal, State, or Municipal law enforcement agency, a firefighter, or an EMT/EMS
  • Member of a designated U.S. military or veteran association
  • Member of the military forces of foreign nations with passport
  • Any escorted guest of an AUSA Member

What is AUSA and Why Attend?

AUSA brings together civilians, Army active members, reserve, guard, and it is one of three key communication platforms employed by the Army. It aids in educating and informing the government and general public on key issues affecting the Army including veterans affairs, academics, civics, and Army leadership. Events include access to over 700 exhibitors, seminars and panel discussions including topics such as national security and family planning. Attendees also have the opportunity to participate in hands-on demonstrations of the latest technology and understand the services attending public service.

Exhibiting Advantages and How to Show your Brand Best at AUSA 2019

AUSA 2019 will bring over 30,000 attendees according to AUSA official website. 29% are senior level management, over 100 countries represented. The new technologies are just one small sector of the exhibitor profile. Financial planning, housing, and other services for civilians do very well at this show since the majority of attendees are nonactive military. Depending on your brand or service, we recommend certain booths over others in Washington DC.

Technology and Defense Contracting Related Exhibits

Technology and larger defense contracts, we recommend larger exhibits. The tech and defense exhibits often require demonstration space, conference room, and multiple areas of lockable storage. Our designers generally recommend a 30 x 50 exhibit for AUSA. Some of our clients include the Department of Homeland Security and Norwegian Conglomerate Naatic.

Civilian or Non Active Military Service Exhibits

If you are selling a service or looking for a sale that does not require demonstration, but attention, we recommend an exhibit that is linear or an island configuration. Linear exhibits offer places to sit and the large mural wall can project a brand platform easily. An island configuration in a 20 x 20 exhibit space offers so much flexibility, you can have a bar, two seating configurations, multiple banner stands, and overhead signage.
Exhibit Experience has delivered exhibits to AUSA dozens of times and we understand what works and what does not on the trade show floor. We guarantee that our exhibits will meet trade show and industry standards, and exceed your standards.

Contact our team for a consultation, rentals@exhibitexperience.com

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