Economic Outlook for Exhibitors: What, When, and How are Exhibitors Spending?

Mar 13, 2019

Exhibit Experience offers its’ interpretation of the Exhibitor Magazine Economic Report 2019 and the implications for Exhibit Houses in the coming show year. We notice dips in the show calendar during the summer and as this time nears, it is an excellent time to revisit some of your products and update your show services in anticipation of the next wave of shows. Our staffing, for example, undergoes shifts during this season, and with a guide released by Exhibitor, we have some more business to capture in terms of in-person marketing dollars and trade show booths.  Despite the economy’s ups and downs in the two past fiscal quarters in 2018, the trade show business is booming and the survey taken by Exhibitor of 200 plus event producers and corporate exhibitors, there is no sign of slowing. Below are some key takeaways from this survey. Read the full findings here, 

Trade Winds: Where are people going to attend shows in 2019?

Locally! The survey reports that in 2018 regional trade shows were the most attended at the average of 22.3 and next year, this number increases to 23.2. International Shows will remain the same and national trade shows are up .2 percent. For local exhibit houses, such as ours with two locations in Orlando and Las Vegas and warehouses coming soon in Chicago and Dallas, we can offer tradeshow exhibitors great pricing on custom modular exhibits that include all service and reduce overhead costs of storage and build fees.

Trade Marketing: What are corporate marketing budgets in 2019?

  • 12% are increasing their direct market campaigns.
  • 14% are increasing their print advertising.
  • 25% are increasing their public relations budgets
  • 26% are increasing their sponsorship programs.
  • 54% are expanding their email marketing campaigns.
  • 33% are increasing their online ads
  • 35% are increasing their blogs
  • 30% are increasing their search engine marketing.

These numbers should not come as a surprise, considering the preponderance of digital marketing being supreme, however, the reduction in print advertising in favor of public relations campaigns indicates the peer to peer importance as well as how important keeping your brand top of mind is with your buyers.

Performing your Best, With a State of the Art Booth

66% of exhibitors are confident their 2019 exhibit will perform better than 2018, and 22% are extremely confident that their booth will perform better than in 2019, the rest must have done very well because 11% is doubtful. This level of confidence belies the attendee importance and who is on the trade show floor. So many trade shows hold incredible buying power and decision making ability. CES, Waste Expo, InfoComm are attended by the executives who are making the decisions and placing the orders that can make or break returns for a year. If you are spending money on exhibit space, you should make sure it is performing at its’ highest capacity.

  • 26% plan on replacing their booth
  • 24% tentatively plan on replacing their booth.
  • 21% are increasing their budget on exhibit space
  • 20% are increasing their budget on exhibit promotion
  • 25% are increasing their budget on exhibit properties

These survey results read clearly; corporations are looking for better booths, with more space, and better promotions. Interpreted in concert with the findings on regional shows increasing and national shows remaining the same, Exhibit Experience is offering new packages that provide a solution to multiple regional shows and increasing the capabilities of our staff to meet the diverse buyer needs of corporations hungry for trade show profits. We have long provided international clients with multi-location options and we predict that our multi-show packages will continue and even at a buyer to consumer show. Regional trade shows on the rise mean the buyers and sellers are meeting in the middle and the trade show is coming a market on its’ own. We can reduce your costs of showing and shipping with our custom modular booths and custom graphics. Let us show you our difference, and up your entire trade show experience for 2019.

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