Spectacular Custom Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibits Since COVID

Jun 10, 2021

As a Las Vegas custom trade show booth builder, we will never forget TPE. This was the first trade show of the season after one year of not having trade shows because of COVID-19.

We were given the task of standing out and being different from the rest. Our exhibitor wanted to open up the season and show off that they were stronger than ever.

So, we had no choice. We had to make it happen.

Our client gave us a list of how everything inside their exhibit space needed to look and their goals. The list looked like this:

– Custom reusable branded counter
– Reusable backlit branded logo
– Customized open meeting room for new COVID-19 restrictions
– High end 10 x 30 customized trade show booth build

As a Las Vegas trade show company, we were surprised to see a request like this for the first tradeshow post pandemic. But we put our heads together and made it happen.

As a company, it felt like nothing ever stopped. Our team got together and never missed a beat. We made it happen.

After a few brainstorming sessions, we designed and built a 10 x 30 custom trade show booth masterpiece.

This experience taught us that times are different.

We realize that not all trade show exhibits are going to be cookie-cutter or low-budget.

A lot of seasoned exhibitors are approaching trade shows with caution. Some are even giving up their exhibit spaces. But a new generation of aggressive exhibitors are taking over those spaces and making themselves known.

We are excited to see this new generation of exhibitors.

We love seeing Las Vegas trade shows alive again and can’t wait to see what other crazy projects the year has for us.

Are you looking to stand out at your next trade show? Contact us today and our team will help bring vision to life.

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