AUVSI 2021 is coming in August. Is your exhibit ready?

Jun 23, 2021

AUVSI Xponential 2021 is coming to the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta from August 16 – 19, 2021. Dedicated to the development and advancement of unmanned systems, robotics, and autonomy, Xponential is the best place in the US for anyone interested in new technologies or AI. Visitors and exhibitors will find the show packed with all technology and products relating to robotics. There are also educational seminars, innovation forums, awards ceremonies, and more to see and do.

This year they’ve tweaked the format just a little. The in-person trade show is just one part of the whole experience. Attendees and exhibitors will also be able to experience Xponential’s virtual exhibit from now until September 10, 2021. Making this a truly forward-thinking show!

Health & Safety

In addition to the virtual on-demand component, the AUVSI Xponential 2021 organizers have placed a series of protocols and procedures to keep all attendees and exhibitors safe while they tour the XPO hall. These protocols include routine cleaning, mask-wearing, and physical distancing. You can read the full details here.

Attendees & Exhibitors

AUVSI 2021 attendees include a higher-than-average rate of people who either work in government or work in adjacent positions such as lobbying. Show organizers estimate that over 20 industries are represented and will have diverse offerings to display, from interactive demonstrations to keynote speeches. Here is a breakdown of who you can expect to see browsing the show booths:

  • 54% are in the defense field,
  • 46% in mapping and surveying,
  • 34% in inspections,
  • 34% in energy,
  • 33% in agriculture,
  • 31% in construction,
  • 33% in public safety,
  • 31% in Counter UAS,
  • 30% in automated vehicles/driverless cars
  • 30% in oil and gas,
  • 23% in mining,
  • 21% in natural resource management,
  • 21% in warehousing/delivery/logistics,
  • 20% in photography,
  • 16% in cinematography,
  • 16% in insurance,
  • 13% in health care,
  • 13% in real estate,
  • 13% in retail and distribution,
  • 13% as consumer/hobbyist, and
  • 12% in content and media.

Show Booths Spaces

Spaces for this show go fast. If you haven’t yet reserved your exhibit space, you can do so by contacting the Xponential exhibit account managers.

View the interactive event map here.

AUVSI 2021 exhibitors can choose from one of four booth space options:

  1. Raw space
  2. Virtual-only exhibit space
  3. Shell scheme booth
  4. Booth in an Xponential pavilion

Raw booth space is, as the name implies, an empty space you can fill with your booth furniture and equipment.

Virtual-only exhibit space is a virtual platform you can use to attract on-demand and virtual event attendees.

Shell scheme booth is a furnished booth – without any of your company branding, visuals, or demonstrations! – that includes:

  • a hard wall system,
  • header sign,
  • standard carpet,
  • track light with one head,
  • 42″h returns/panels,
  • counter with sliding doors,
  • set up and removal,
  • opening day cleaning,
  • cafe table,
  • four chairs, and
  • a ten amp power outlet at the back wall.

Booth in one of AUVSI’s three pavilions are smaller, turn-key “pods” (roughly 42”W x 30”H graphic space), virtual exhibit space, and access to the pavilion’s themed learning sessions.

Keep in mind: none of these exhibitor options come with branding or on-site troubleshooting! You will be responsible for all visuals, branding, demonstrations, etc., as well as troubleshooting any technical issues in your booth.

Exhibit Experience transforms exhibition space into a turn-key solution.

With 500 exhibitors and a wide variety of information sessions, there’s a lot you can do to stand out as an exhibitor. Exhibit Experience offers complete turnkey solutions for your booth raw space or shell. If you are renting out raw space and are looking to create a fully interactive experience with your product, we highly recommend contacting one of our project managers to design your space and build out your booth.

Performing at a show of this nature requires an entire staff and professional management. Our experienced team can handle any surprises that come their way. We’ll also provide AV connections and rentals. If you are looking for a vibrant audio-visual experience, we have fully programmable LED Skins that include gorgeous landscapes, virtual reality reels, and videos to place your brand front and center. This added visual touch will set you apart from the crowd and draw attendees to your booth.

If you are interested in a turnkey exhibit rental that stands out from the crowd, contact Exhibit Experience today.