AUSVI 2019 Chicago is coming in April, Is your exhibit ready?

Feb 18, 2019

AUSVI 2019 Chicago is coming April 30-May 2 at the McCormick Convention Center. This year’s show is called Xponential and will be showcasing all things unmanned. For those concerned about the impending robotic takeover, this show is not for you. If you find the space program, unmanned cars, and drones interesting, this show is the best in the US for new technologies and those with an interest in the world of AI. Visitors and exhibitors have a show packed with all technology and products relating to robotics. Events include awards ceremonies, seminars on best practices, innovation forums, and break out sessions of many varieties.

Xponential anticipates 8,500 visitors to the show, 700 exhibitors, and over 150 information sessions. They estimate that 20 industries are represented and will have diverse offerings to display from interactive demonstrations to keynote speeches. Of the attendees’ interests 50% are in the defense field, 45% in mapping and fieldwork, 37% in inspections, 31% in agriculture, 31% in energy, 30% in public safety, 29% in oil and gas, 28% in construction, and 27% industrial robotics.

Inside costs of your booth, members spaces are $33 per square foot and $39 for non-members, with corner add-ons for $500. A raw booth includes 8 foot draped wall, 3-inch side rails, 2-line sign for linear booths. Shell options for a 10×10 for members begin at $5,620 and for 10×20 are $9,846. Nonmembers shell booths are 10×10 $6,725 for a 10×10 booth and $11,766 for 10×20. Shell booths include a hard wall system, header sign, standard carpet, track light with one head, 42″h returns/panels, counter with sliding doors, set up and removal, opening day cleaning, cafe table, four chairs, and a ten amp power outlet at the back wall. Keep in mind that with these shells there is no branding, there are no graphics, as a vendor you would be responsible for all of the branding and troubleshooting of your booth.

Exhibit Experience offers complete turnkey solutions for your booth raw space or shell. If you are renting out raw space and are looking to create a fully interactive experience with your product, we highly recommend contacting one of our project managers to design your space and build out your booth. Performing at a show of this nature requires a full staff and professional build out. For example, if your power supply shorts, do you have an electric solution? Our staff mans each show with 4-5 people there to support. AV connections and rentals are also within our purview. If you are looking for an LED design scheme, we have LED Skins that are fully programmable with landscapes, virtual reality reels, and videos to place your brand front and center and increase interaction and attendees coming into your booth.

Below is the tradeshow floorplan

The show is 87% sold out and booths are going to be difficult to secure if you book any later. From the key above you can see a number of larger booths that are still available. Many of the booths are in the back ends of the convention center, however, these can make an impact if they are professionally appointed and branded correctly. Click here for exhibiting options directly from the show. If you are interested in a turnkey exhibit rental, that stands out amongst the crowd, contact Exhibit Experience, your tradeshow leader. Below are some of our live, delivered booths, all turnkey.

If you are traveling to Chicago, there are two international airports, offering hundreds of flights in and out per day, MidWay and O’Hare. Downtown Hotels are very close to the McCormick Place and unlike other convention centers that are in outlying areas, this is in the heart of the city on Lake Michigan. If you are looking to host an event offsite for key clients or staff wrap parties, we offer full event services as well.  Contact our team for all of your trade show needs, we have warehouses nationwide and two local locations in Las Vegas and Orlando.