Trade Show Myths We Wish Would Go Away

Jun 17, 2019

Exhibit Experience delivers hundreds of trade show exhibits around the world each year, and each year we encounter the same trade show myths that make our job more difficult and cost our clients thousands of dollars in lost sales and unexpected costs. We would like to take some time out this week to go over some trade show myths and ways that you can prepare to succeed at your next trade show, whether it is your first show or your fortieth.

The Bigger the Booth….

A large booth does not equate directly into larger sales or a larger price tag in the exhibit rental industry. We can deliver a 20 x 20 exhibit to Las Vegas or Orlando for as little as $17,500 including AV, furnishings, custom graphics, custom flooring, and labor, whereas we could deliver a 10 x 10 exhibit that is custom for the same price. The way they perform depends on the industry, the product that the booth is designed to show and the staff that accompanies it. All too often, a larger booth with shorter staff performs more poorly than a 10 x 10 booth with proper staffing. In each of these instances, you would be wise to consult with an exhibit house. Exhibit Experience offers just what its’ name promises exhibit experience, we know what performs on the trade show floor by industry, and we make your size work for you.

Just Sales Staff to get Sales…..

Only sending your sales staff to a trade show is a mistake. In terms of your exhibit delivery, a sales staff is quite helpful in knowing what they will need for their pitches, however their pitch decks, and all marketing materials are supplied and designed by your marketing team and your marketing team members should outnumber your key sales by 2:1 and be onsite to direct install of merchandise. In most instances, your sales teams may not be suitable for a trade show selling environment. Your marketing team, on the other hand, will be able to guage how your marketing is being received, get data from your competitors during the show to adjust your pitches throughout the show, and also to train additional trade show staff. Your budget may be better spent hiring trade show staff, such as promotional teams to promo your product on the floor, and the main closer with in-person experience, to work the serious inquiries. The key take away here is to diversify your staff and be aware that what works in standard sales situations may not work on a high stakes trade show floor.

We can do this in no time…..

Below is a video in time lapse. It takes roughly one minute to show in time lapse a ballroom worth of exhibit install. This exhibit for NEC took two days to install and full man power, with two managers, dual trained in electric, receiving staff, and trained labor to erect the designs. The build of all the custom elements took two months. If you are looking for a top of the line exhibit at a great price, it can be done, but you have to understand the time it takes. If a company promises a great looking semi custom booth in absolutely no time, be very wary. A booth that is too quick to come up, will also likely be quick to come down, perhaps during your show!

Exhibit Experience has over 25 collective years in the trade show industry and we know the trade show floor and how to perform the best, for the least. Our honesty and dedication have earned us some of the highest honors in the trade show industry. Call our team for your next exhibit.

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