Trade Show Exhibit Rental Best Practices: Series 1

Feb 27, 2019

Exhibit Experience’s Trade Show Exhibit Rental Best Practices are meant to help guide your brand to meet your trade show goals. We will be featuring a variety of subjects and topics that resonate across different industries and trade shows from CES to FCAA. Exhibit Experience has over 25 combined years of experience in trade show exhibiting and marketing and exhibits hundreds of times per year. Whether a multi-show package rebrand or a single show booth, we have insight on how to best position your brand on a trade show floor.

The First Step: Booking your Trade Show Exhibit

When you decide to book your trade show booth, whether it is the first time, or it is annual, you need to decide the space you want. Exhibit space is sold per show in a number of ways, if you are sponsoring a tradeshow, you will obviously be afforded the first choice in space, booths, and attending advantages. If you are looking for a simple solution, say an inline linear 10 x 10 booth, you can book this space in a shell. Shells are also sold in 20 x 20 configurations. For more specific sizes there is a cost per square foot of trade show space. Additional fees are required for spaces that are more desirable, such as corner spaces and specific rows. Your product or service and marketing budget will dictate space, but an exhibit house is also an excellent resource to help choose a space.

The Second Step: Staffing

Staffing will make or break your trade show experience. If you have the incorrect staff for the show you are exhibiting at, you misuse the resources spent on the booth, exhibit space, and travel expenses. Exhibit Experience recommends that per 10 x 10 booth space, three key people are in attendance. The first is a marketing lead to assist with lead procurement, the second is a salesperson to assist in lead qualification and in cases, a closing agent, the last is at least one member of your executive team for key networking and seminar attendance. For larger booths, doubling those numbers is advised. If you are not renting with an exhibit house, such as Exhibit Experience that provides trade show labor and one staff member as a concierge, then you would also need someone who wears several hats to troubleshoot your AV, run errands during the show, and act as a go-between with trade show organizers. Exhibit Experience’s turnkey services free up staff to perform their essential duties and meet their goals at your trade show. We fully believe the booth should be bottom of mind, and business should be top.


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