The Las Vegas Trade Show Floor of Choice: FlexFloor Maple

Feb 22, 2019

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The Las Vegas Trade Show Floor is the most competitive market in the United States.  It hosts the largest US tradeshow, CES, Consumer Electronics Show, and countless others. See Trade Show Calendar Here. Following Las Vegas is Orlando, and Exhibit Experience has headquarters in both locations and delivers booths nationwide. When you purchase raw booth space or even a booth shell space, there are minimums that you are provided with such as carpet flooring. Apart from style, carpet poses some logistical issues. Electric wires need to be run in a booth of any size and you are able to see the wiring easily with carpet flooring. In the interest of aesthetics and utility, exhibitors rent flooring from a trade show exhibit house, such as Exhibit Experience. Flooring choices include carpet, vinyl, and raised flooring. Raised flooring is used across Europe and from a stylistic standpoint to appeal to specific clients. It covers electric without a problem, and it adds another dimension to your boot which potentially offers a more branded experience. Vinyl flooring is popular because it is durable, the finish is excellent, and it is reusable. Overwhelmingly, our clients choose portable vinyl in the color Maple.

FlexFloor Maple is the industry standard, for a reason. It hides electric, blends naturally, and it fits most branding specifications. Our job as exhibit designers and purveyors is the make a booth look impeccable but also function safely. Maple FlexFloor is portable, rollable, and comes in a variety of colors. Installation is simple and the dismantle is just as easy. It has an exotic wood look, with a much lower price and tolerance for volume. It starts at 10×10 and can go up in increments to suit your booth specifications. We use this flooring consistently and it is available within short lead time.

To buy or rent?

Many businesses consider buying flooring and reusing it, as with many elements of a booth. There is always this consideration when you frequently exhibit at trade shows. Whether you would like to buy the booth components or rent a full booth, renting booths rather than buying is actually more cost effective. Our booths are all-inclusive, and our teams consider elements of your show that may not be readily apparent to those not directly involved in tradeshow management. When you factor in trade show labor, electric labor, installation expertise, designers, and project managers, in addition to the cost of materials and elements such as flooring, your prices for purchase skyrocket and even finding exhibit freelancers to perform these tasks is near to impossible, especially for the Las Vegas Trade Show Floor. Our 10×10 booths start at $5,000 which include flooring, structure, graphics, shipping, labor, and electric. One of the reasons our prices are so reasonable is that we are local exhibit builders in Las Vegas and Orlando.

One of the biggest elements of the flooring from a branding perspective is it is the functional enclosure of your booth. Without walls, flooring differentiates your booth from your competitors. FlexFloor Maple is also used across all industries. Above, at the Produce Marketing Association, the floor helps display produce and below you can see it as an accent to a mock restaurant for a National Restaurants Show. We also use this flooring for our clients at Bare Minerals and with other clients who exhibit at Cosmoprof in Las Vegas. It is rarer in both the electronics and technology industry shows such as CES or InfoComm. Whether you are renting or buying your booth, regardless of your industry, your flooring is one of the most important elements of your exhibit.

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