Target, Engage, Sell: Attracting Decision Makers at your next Trade Show

May 1, 2019

Target, Engage, Sell: Attracting Decision Makers at your next Trade Show in 5 Simple Steps.

Before we jump into our 5 secret steps to getting from a walk by, to a buy, we would like to go over the basics of trade show and exhibit marketing. Step into the mind of the decision maker at a trade show. Why are they attending? They are attending because they need to connect with their vendors, find new suppliers, and solve critical issues facing their business in terms of growth with new technologies.

  1. Identify your Targets: As an exhibitor, you will need to identify your targets prior to the show, and if you do not have specific companies in mind, consider the demographics of your prospect. Use past show information, which is readily available on the show site, and look at the current exhibitor list, to see who the competitors are in your field. Based on these demographics, you will develop your marketing materials and presentations to meet the needs of the segment.
  2. Engage your Targets: Once you know who you are targeting, your booth will need to attract the key decision maker, and engage them while in your exhibit. How to best attract the decision maker? First, make sure the exhibit is visible from all vantage points, or as many as your exhibit size allows, with overhead signage, graphics, and dynamic lighting. Long range graphics are available in exhibits over 20 x 20 and will be the first point of visual communication. Next, you will need compelling mid-range graphics with 3D elements, lighting, giveaways, or special staff to attract targets into your booth. Lastly, short-range graphics, AV presentations, and demonstration areas are the ways to engage your targets. Shoot for around 5 minute presentations with trained staff.
  3. Selling your Targets: With your demographics in mind, your giveaways on hand, and your trained staff in place, you should be able to close your prospects or obtain contact information to follow up. From an exhibit rental standpoint, as long as your targets are in your exhibit, and able to participate in demonstrations, your staff is trained to close the rest!

5 Top Secret Tradeshow Tips

  1. Photo Lead Capturing: Using a simple photo booth, you can capture thousands of leads on a trade show floor. Create a compelling backdrop with our custom graphics, then set up the booth with a release form to get the image and share it on social media. This amplifies your brand across platforms, in addition to giving you access to more leads. Super pro tip is to ask for job title and company in the release form.
  2. Demo Bait and Switch: During your demonstration, obtain sample information from the client, and then have credit card forms to sample product free for a period of time, then follow up after the show to continue your conversation.
  3. Presentation Information: In your presentation, have two staff members working one qualified lead. One person asking a series of questions, the other recording answers. Use this information post show while following up during sales calls. One interesting way to position this is by using a mock magician.
  4. Long Range Graphic Illusion: If your long-range graphic may be misinterpreted as a common symbol, you could incidentally create more traffic to your booth. Think of common signs, shapes, and colors that correspond with universal symbols for bathrooms, food, etc.
  5. The Give Away: This is not top secret, this is very common. However, the type of giveaway and your staff participation can make a huge difference. It is not just a giveaway, it is an experience. Mixing the demonstration with the giveaway and having two staff members operating, is the key to making the most out of the marketing. One person is performing the demonstration, and one person is recording all of the information, and finally doing the giveaway.

If you are looking for an exhibit company to provide both marketing, staff training, and exhibit building, we have over 25 years experience in the local Las Vegas and local Orlando markets and delivered worldwide.

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