Keeping Your Creative Collateral Fresh: Exhibit Experience Guide to Promotional Products

Mar 8, 2019

Exhibit Experience would like to shine a light on the branded promotional products dispersed at trade shows. We receive catalog after catalog of promotional products and see hundreds of these products go unused or worse, discarded after an annual trade show. There are industry standard tradeshow materials, and there are stand out trade show materials that capture attendees attention at the show engaging them in the brand narrative. Below are some examples of new products and standard products that are must haves at your next tradeshow.

Industry Standards

Industry standard branded products are those you can use at the show, give away after demonstrating, but also bring back to your headquarters and use in the office regularly.

Pens and Pencils

Pens are an industry standard and are in the domain of every marketing department. A foam rolling pen with grip is a must have at all trade shows. Brand your pens and pencils with an easy to read logo and one line for maximum effect.


Moleskin lined notepads are pricier than standard notepads with logos on the front, but they add an executive old world touch to the notepad that your sales force uses. It makes a beautiful and thoughtful giveaway. Ernest Hemingway only wrote in moleskin.


Apart from the uniforms of your staff at the show, there are some shirts that are more playful for trade shows. Many brands consider a jersey style varsity shirt. Preshrunk or in a material that wicks sweat, these are an excellent and cost-effective branded clothing option. Brand names also are increasingly offering wholesale branded options. Patagonia offers pullovers with branding on the sidearm for your executive team prior to the show.


Branded water bottles that are reusable can be used in the office or at a show. There are a few schools of thought on this, and you should consider your trade show audience wisely. If you are showing at the Waste Expo, it would be inappropriate to potentially create more waste with plastics.


Fold away totes are easy to carry and can be used for everything after including groceries. Consider the utility of all promotional products. Adding a fresh graphic or print can liven up a traditional tote. Try a trendy shape to increase the likelihood of promotion after the event.

New Promotional Products

Much like the time you would hope one would spend in your booth and with your sales team, the more focus one spends on your branded promotional materials, or the utility of the materials, make the biggest impact.

Stress Balls

We have seen stress balls in a number of shapes made into larger installations that make a brand pop! HIMSS show featured a brand that was creative enough to brand stress balls in the shapes of fruit and assembled them in a tree configuration. The interactive element of picking a promotional product from a tree was a wonderful experiential touch.

Rubicks Cubes

Rubicks Cubes guarantee a certain amount of time focused on your brand in an attendees hands. Branding is on one side of the cube and users will continue to use the cube following the show. Rubicks Cubes can be the central feature of a game in your exhibit or installation such as above. Consider the interactive games as a great extension of time and attention spent on your brand.


Most trade show attendees end up walking miles. Try branding a pedometer then offering an incentive, such as cash or larger ticket giveaway item to those willing to come back to the booth to claim a prize. This usurps more time on your trade show exhibit and more attention to your brand.

We hope you consider some of these products for your next trade show. If you are looking for a full trade show exhibit package, including marketing collateral and promotional products, contact Exhibit Experience!




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