Exhibiting Tips for International Exhibitors

Sep 7, 2021

Exhibiting tips for international exhibitors.

Exhibiting in the United States is very similar to exhibiting in Europe, but the cost of exhibiting is very different. To better help, here’s a perfect example. Let’s focus on the pricing first.

Exhibiting in the United States is more expensive than exhibiting in Europe.

You cannot get a 40 x 50 two-story exhibit for €35,000.

Because of Covid, materials are very hard to come by. Last-minute exhibiting is a lot more expensive than ever before. For example, fabric graphics are the same price as PVC Graphics.

A 10 x 20 trade show Exhibit rental in Orlando, Florida, will cost the exhibitor at least $16,500 in the low range, and they can sell in Orlando up to $23,500 and higher.

The same 10 x 20 Trade Show Exhibit rental in Las Vegas will start at $19,500, and in the high end, the exhibit will cost you $30,000++ if a custom trade show booth is fabricated.

There is a price difference because the exhibitor or the EAC can do more on the exhibit assembly as a non-union individual in Orlando.

In Las Vegas, not so much. The Union must do all the work. The difference in exhibiting cost is at least 25% to 50%. That is the price difference between union cities and non-union cities.

Exhibiting in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Atlantic City will cost you at least 40% – 50% more than it would in Orlando, Florida.

We are providing you with these budget examples because we see many international clients trying to exhibit here in the United States cutting corners, and it will not work on the show site. Don’t get us wrong, there may be a company out there that will accept your monetary offer, but in return, you will not get the booth or exhibit rental you were expecting.

Beware of the phantom trade show companies.

We are seeing a lot of international exhibitors accepting trade show booth build offers from phantom companies.

How do you know if they are a Phantom company? The same way that you look to see if a restaurant is good or not. Check out their Google ratings.

We understand these are challenging times for everyone. Money is tight, we all get it, but we want to educate you to be the smarter exhibitor coming into the United States.

Here’s an excellent example. 21 Google reviews an average score of 4.9; that must be a good company, right?

Orlando Trade Show Company

If you accept a contract because it is cheaper and the company has no Google reviews, shouldn’t you be concerned?

Once again, would you go to dinner with a client at a restaurant that has no reputation?

Be smart, exhibit smart, and be safe out there. As an Orlando Trade Show exhibit company and a Las Vegas trade show booth rental company, we cover the entire United States and see some crazy things in this new era of exhibiting.

However, as a trade show booth builder, we remain the same, our customer service is the same as always, and therefore we are the preferred modular Trade Show Exhibit builder in the United States.

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