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Aug 21, 2019

Exhibit Experience is a premier Las Vegas Exhibit House with over 25 years of combined experience delivering custom, custom modular, and modular exhibits to top trade shows in Las Vegas. How did we get here and how do we operate on a daily basis locally in Las Vegas? We would like to take the opportunity to be completely transparent and show you how we operate. There are many reasons our clients choose our services consistently and our reputation and services have grown to include international shows and event services. Welcome to the Inside of our Las Vegas Exhibit House!

Corporate Culture

Exhibit Experience is the union of decades of delivery experience, expert craftsmanship, and top-level executive sales and management. Our approach to sales, management, building, and delivering is simple, we put the client first. There is always a member of the management department available for status calls, day or night. Our staff also experiences job perks of traveling abroad and are veritable McGiver’s of international showing. All exhibitors have different needs and we understand the demands of busy trade show calendars. Our teams are ON during the trade show calendar year with the exception of July, to rest for the demands of the calendar year.


We are comprised of teams of designers, project managers, master craftsman, carpenters, laborers, accounting, administrative, and marketing. On staff we have four designers, four project managers, 5 sales leads, 2 executive leaders, 2 heads of warehouse, and anywhere from 10-20 laborers at a time. Each department communicates with the executive and other departments through project management software and weekly production meetings. We have monthly team meetings to stay abreast of every current and future project we have going on.

Structural HQ and Management

We have headquarters in Orlando and Las Vegas. Each location is managed by one of our executive heads and has a floating number of project managers, depending on the show count for the month. Since we have crews that travel all over the world at any point in time, management and structure are critical. Our lead comptroller orchestrates calandar and deliverables with our project managers and crews and managers are tracked through a master calendar system, as are our client exhibits, so we are accountable at all times.


As soon as we get a green light from designers and project managers in either the Las Vegas trade show fabrication center or the Orlando trade show fabrication center, we organize the booth build. Any exhibit will take from 2 weeks to 3 months to fabricate and we offer custom, custom modular, and modular exhibits. We use high-quality lightweight frame systems for our custom modular exhibits and for our custom exhibits. Much of our custom exhibits are constructed from wooden elements and we choose the correct medium for the design goals and to keep your project on budget. All exhibits are equipped with AV, furniture, custom flooring, custom lighting, and custom graphics. Walls are either constructed of PVC graphics or stretched fabric.

Budgets, Timelines, and Delivery

Many Exhibit Houses ignore budgets, deliver substandard exhibits, or cut corners to deliver within your timeline. Not at Exhibit Experience. We are a leading Las Vegas Exhibit House for a reason; we understand your time constraints, your budget, and your delivery goals. Las Vegas exhibit builders have a reputation for rushing and delivering sub standard work and we started out to change this. Our weekly reports and organization within our company keep your project, trade show calendar, and budget on track. Savings that we realize in better business practices are reported to you and we offer upgrade options to make your booth even better than we designed it.

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