How did they build that? Exhibit Rentals Case Study

Feb 20, 2019

Exhibit Experience works largely within the tourism industry and represents countries in different tradeshows on certain routes of tourism with custom modular exhibit rentals. Think Cruiseship patterns, flight patterns, and all tourism in between. Tourism can be most of a small countries source of GDP and their showing at trade shows that encourage increased stopping or product purchasing can be very important to economic growth. The booths are usually custom modular because they require extra touches to emulate the country of origin. For Antigua and Barbuda we used 3d printed graphics and foam to create a custom windmill. Below are the who what where when and how! Contact Exhibit Experience if you are considering gaining exposure for your country or product across trade routes, in trade shows!

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Exhibit Experience works with exhibit rentals for countries all over the world showing at trade shows such as FCCA and Seatrade. Some of our most creatively constructed booths showcase not just a product, but an entire country!

One of the perks of representing a country within the tourism industry rather than a product or service is that the temporary environment takes on characteristics of that country. The custom windmill here is one of the elements that make this booth a custom modular, but really the rest is modular and creative 3d printing!


This booth package needed to encompass two booth sizes at FCCA and SeaTrade

Where: Each of these shows takes place in different locations and require complex logistics with our staffing in addition to storage between shows. Seatrade takes place in Miami and FCCA takes place all over the world, in this instance Puerto Rico. As part of our turnkey rental package, we offer shipping, staffing, and storage of booths.

This custom modular booth has plexiglass enclosed office with a conference table and six chairs, and 72 inch LED screen for presentations. The outside of the booth has a rounded bar, encased with custom graphics, two café tables, and 6 café chairs. When the booth is expanded by 10 feet, its’ configurations change slightly to offer more space for collateral and flow through. A booth of this size without the custom elements is surprisingly affordable and easy to produce.


These shows take place in the spring and in the downtime, the booth parts are stored at one of Exhibit Experience many warehouse spaces where components are inventoried and the stock is taken place. Often, when a custom modular booth comes back to the headquarters, it is a brief period of rest, but back into production mode to reconfigure that booth for the next years rounds of shows.


Both of these shows needed to have space within the booth for private meetings with their teams, and teams of other countries that would be working with Antigua and Barbuda. The element of the private meeting space with a 72 inch LED screen offered a private moment for attendees and its’ corner configuration took advantage of the passersby with an inviting bar with 4 chairs, 2 café tables, and a windmill that stored marketing collateral and products to be used in demonstrations. The functionality of a booth far outweighs the form.

The Antigua and Barbuda booth is an example of a custom modular booth configuration in a multi-show platform. With two sizes, 20×20 and 20×30, at their respective shows, it is less expensive to add the special touches annually, such as the custom windmill, and be able to keep the modular rental system year after year to achieve new results in their tradeshows.

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