Exhibit Lighting

Jul 2, 2019

Exhibit Lighting for 2019/2020

Exhibit Experience offers some tips to showing your exhibit in its’ best light with our exhibit lighting design tips. Placing fixtures, running cords, and knowing the amperage requirements are key features of your booth preparation. Your booth can shine or it can simply fall flat, depending on the lighting scheme.

Early Preparation

Exhibit lighting needs to be a key feature of your modular or custom exhibit design, from the get-go. As soon as you contact an exhibit house regarding your next trade show or event, lighting will be focal in your discussions. Recessed space Your lighting will direct attention to products in your booth, and detract from unused space or storage. If you are adding lighting when the booth is already fabricated, it is like adding lighting when a home is complete. You stand to gain the most from early preparation and design.

Design and Brand Integration

Another critical element of your lighting design, is the communication between the lighting designer and your marketing team. Your designer needs to understand the concept behind your exhibit and your brand. Key graphics, products, and messaging will need to be center stage and lighting can accomplish this. From this understanding, your designer can suggest and apply new products such as hollographic branded elements and underlit flooring and recessed product lighting.

Budget Awareness

Many exhibitors are shocked to find out the costs associated with lighting. We have a variety of options, namely using arm lights, which are standard to keep costs low, however if you are really looking to stand out, you should definitely add a few line items to the budget for lighting. These lines include, rigging, labor, electric, machinery rental, and supplemental rentals. If you are renting an exhibit from exhibit rental, we include these elements into our rental fees.

Truss and Rigging in your Designs

Lighting structures need overhead trussing or rigging, unless you are using arm lamps and modular framework. We reduce the need for these elaborate overhead structures with projectors and arm lamps. In addition to saving money in terms of labor and rigging equipment rental, using projectors and arm lamps saves a huge amount of time and uncertainty because your certification process by show organizers will be less.

Venue Spacial Awareness

Your space is going to be different from the space you are sold due to venue abnormalities and your neighbors exhibits. This is a fact of every trade show. Your lighting design will need to be dynamic and responsive. We highly recommend projector lighting and uplighting as opposed to recessed, trussed, or built in lights. No one can control the reach of your neighbors lighting and your team should understand how to adapt your brand and lighting to the circumstances of your exhibit.

Lighting Equipment and Installation

Be sure that your booth has space allocated for lighting equipment and that your installation plan has the lighting comes first and last. Lighting equipment space allocation refers to hidden elements as much as storage space. Lines need to be hidden, the space arm lamps take on the top will create a border that should be maintained unlit, and then the larger trussed elements. The first installation refers to electric running and structural elements such as trussing and last refers to arm lamps and uplighting to finish the look of the exhibits.

New Trends and Your Exhibit House

Exhibit Experience offers full lighting design and installation and prides itself on its responsiveness on the floor. As a local Las Vegas and Orlando Exhibit House, we can add or remove lighting where needed and always have exhibits certified by both convention centers to meet requirements. Our designers know the latest products and techniques to make your brand outshine the competition. Call us for your next Orlando or Las Vegas Trade show.

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