Exhibit Experience Top Orlando Trade Show Display Rental 2019

Exhibit Experience would like to recognize a top producing design in 2019 and offer it for an incredible value. This exhibit is our most versatile configuration across industries and we offer our top-rated turnkey services included in the low price. All of our exhibits are customized based on your precise brand specifications and extensive consultation with our project managers to understand your show expectations. Our customizations are standard and our state of the art and creative amenities are added based on your budget. Our top rental of 2019 is the 10 x 20 and below is our standard model for 2019 priced at $14,000.


The 2019 10 x 20 Orlando Trade Show Rental is designed with two sides of custom shelving, two seating configurations, oversize branded welcome desk, PVC branded back walls, integrated AV, lockable storage, overhead custom lighting, and custom flooring. This design includes custom features, such as shelving, that can easily be replaced with updated amenities if you are looking for less product placement and more visibility. We chose this configuration because it is the most requested on the tradeshow floor, and the raw space offers the most value per square foot, regardless of your trade show. This design customized to your exact brand specifications is available at $14,000. Usually, the marketing budget for a 10 x 20 exhibit is around $20,000, putting you well under budget and ready for state of the art add ons.

Add Ons

Some of the trade show amenities that we offer at Exhibit Experience are state of the art AV, customized lighting fixtures, and designer furnishings. While our standard exhibit is clean and is a proven draw on the trade show floor, sometimes you might be looking for certain add on. We offer LED screen walls and demonstration areas in our AV and light departments that easily fit on either end of your 10 x 20 exhibit. The advantage of the LED wall and advanced lighting are in dynamic display capabilities and continuous video loops that we pre-program for your exhibit. Have a new commercial or marketing message? We can edit these instantaneously with your marketing departments. Another popular add on are designer furnishings and lighting. Wall sconces and lounge seating make for a more informal sales station and ambiance that you can customize from our collection.


The 10 x 20 exhibit is an incredible value at $14,000. Not only is the price well below our competitor’s pricing, but we include our top-rated service included. Service includes design, fabrication, and install and dismantle. Each exhibit design and consultation is included and occurs within 10 days of your initial consultation with our team. From this point on, you have a project manager and team that handles all aspects of your exhibit. The advantages of having your exhibit handled and fabricated locally are manifold. If you require changes and add ons, we can make these adjustments quickly and during an install if you need additional services or referrals for local vendors, we have qualified vendors from catering to sound.

Why Exhibit Experience?

Exhibit Experience is a local Orlando trade show exhibit house with headquarters in Orlando and Las Vegas and we handle hundreds of exhibits annually. Our teams are experts in logistics, craftsmanship, and know the latest innovations on the trade show floor. We have over 25 years combined experience in the trade show industry and we deliver exhibits to single shows and multi-show calendars regularly. Our rankings and testimonials speak to our dedication to the exhibit rental industry and our hard earned reputation has us consistently ranking on Google.

If you would like more information on the 10 x 20 Orlando Trade Show Exhibit Rental of 2019, contact our sales team for a consultation at rentals@exhibitexperience.com