Exhibit Experience Guide to Exhibit Experiences at your next Trade Show

Mar 15, 2019

When you are booking a trade show booth, there are a number of factors your marketing and sales team will take into consideration. Booth size, custom versus rentals, promotional products, and staffing are all standard considerations, but what makes an exhibit truly stand out? Exhibit Experience has over 25 years experience on the trade show floor and we can tell you, not just because it is our brand, but the Experience of a booth is the biggest asset to develop at a show. Certain shows like CES or Waste Expo are forerunners of technology and attendees come to expect many demonstrations and the competition is getting much more sophisticated. Below are some fresh ideas for your next trade show based on industry. If you are looking to book a trade show booth, contact us in advance to recommend the spaces for effectively demonstrating your product or service and to make sure you are in compliance with the convention center policies.

Clean your Room at Clean Show

Clean Show New Orleans offers opportunities of many brands to showcase their cleaning potential. One fun way to showcase a product or cleaning tool is to create a microenvironment with childhood mess makers, such as crayons or markers, and have attendees make a mess, then clean it up! As they participate in this, have some of the creators and developers there to tell the brand narrative and deliver the pitch with your sales. Your attendees will spend more time in your booth guaranteed.

Sweeten the Deal at Sweets and Snacks

Sweets and Snacks Chicago Show is a fan favorite. If you are showing and plan on simply giving out samples, you will get a ton of product off your hands and not a ton of orders. With a simple 10×10 booth and some creativity, you can engage your viewers longer by incorporating games into your booths. Try giveaways that are larger in addition to your sweets or snacks, then you would be able to collect emails for post-show marketing as well. Pegboards are simple to assemble on our custom modular exhibit structures and the nostalgia is an excellent technique for lead capture.

Comic Relief at CosmoProf

Cosmoprof is one of the shows where demonstrations are imperative. It goes far beyond eyelash application and moisturizer samples, you have to really impress creatively to make your brand stand out. Utilizing nostalgia, and self-deprecation, try a demonstration that allows you to make under and make up. You can use LED Skins to show video reel of truly awful makeovers from decades prior, interspersed with your brand proposition and solution. Then in a microenvironment offer a demonstration that is a horrible makeover and then your products solution to it.

As you can see, if you create the problem, then offer the solution to the problem, you have sold your product or service. Additionally, you have successfully communicated your brand narrative. The time someone is spending in your booth equals the money they will be spending. Trade shows bring together decision makers and key executives that are looking to place orders at the show for the year to come. Standing out and offering experiences as opposed to just occupying a lot of square footage is a great way to harness the purchasing power at a trade show.

In order to have an experience, you need to have a great booth, in a good location, and the right staff. Exhibit Experience can help! Our decades of experience in convention centers all over the world give us expert knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. When you contact a member of our team, they can provide you with the best size booth for your experience, staffing recommendations, marketing recommendations, and a full turnkey quote for your trade show. Don’t leave the booth to your marketing department, leave it to ours!

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