Exhibit Experience Challenge: Make it Yours

May 24, 2019

Exhibit Experience Challenge: Make it Yours

How do you Make a Booth Yours? Customizations! When a marketing department is gearing up for a trade show they need to find creative ways to showcase their brand, without breaking the budget. The ultimate way to make a booth your own is a custom booth, but these start at around $75,000 for larger configurations and they require a full staff to maintain the property. Then there is the modular exhibit that you can buy online and try to make it your own with promotional materials and brand propositions displayed with banner stands, but everyone on a trade show floor can spot the internet modular exhibit a mile away. What is a marketer to do? Make it yours, with Exhibit Experience. Our customization lab offers innovations and expertise to customize your booth to fake a custom booth with modular pieces, or through pre-certified exhibits to give you the booth you want, for less. Below is our customization lab menu, experiment with the options!!!

Modular Exhibits

The Modular Exhibit is a prefabricated exhibit that is ready to wear of the exhibit lines. You can purchase these online and from low-cost exhibit houses. You will still need staffing to assemble and dismantle these exhibits, but they are branded to your specifications and ready to display. We would encourage small businesses who have a packed local trade show schedule to invest in one of these exhibits, prior to moving to the custom modular exhibits. These have a life cycle of about 2 years and require flooring replacement. These can be delivered in no time with rush delivery, under 2 weeks.

Custom Modular Exhibits

The Custom Modular Exhibit would be designer imposter dress of exhibit fashion. Custom modular exhibits are the most popular exhibit types on the trade show floor. If you are not a publicly traded company without a several hundred thousand dollar event budget, the custom modular is the exhibit for you. These exhibits offer high levels of customizations without the high cost. Our custom modular are constructed from modular lightweight frames from BeMatrix, then wrapped with high-resolution graphics or LED skins, equipped with custom flooring, custom lighting, furnishings, and AV equipment. The customizations are fabricated in our customization lab by our expert craftsman to your brand guidelines. The most popular customizations are shelving systems, product displays, welcome desks, and overhead signage. Projected signage are particularly popular new customizations coming out of our lab.

Pre Fabricated Exhibits

Pre Fabricated Exhibits from Exhibit Experience are a new line we are offering and a departure from the custom exhibit and the custom modular exhibit. The customizations are already fabricated and approved at trade shows and then repurposed and designed to your specifications. These are deeply discounted custom designs that have only been shown by our top clients available for our use. It is an option that no other exhibit house openly offers. Our prices are unbeatable.

Custom Exhibits

Custom Exhibits are the couture exhibit solution. Each element of our custom exhibit is handcrafted and the exhibit is customized down to the last detail with your brand in mind. Our custom exhibits start at around $50,000 for a 20 x 20 Exhibit Rental and we recommend custom modular for any configuration smaller. Keep in mind that for a custom exhibit, you will need a full staff year round for maintenance in addition to set up and tear down staff.

Exhibit Experience #makeityours Solution

Exhibit Experience challenges exhibitors to think outside the box with our options and make an exhibit theirs! We have a number of solutions that are cost effective and will save you money without sacrificing style and substance. Why pay full price for a great booth style? Make our exhibits yours!

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