Custom Exhibit For Less: A Case Study

Jul 9, 2019

Exhibit Experience has built its’ reputation on offering exhibits that deliver top designs for less. We would like to show you some ways that out of the box designs can communicate your message for less that the traditional custom exhibit. Below is an exhibit that cost $98,000, according to Exhibitor Online, and we can make this exhibit for under $40,000. Slashing your costs in half and delivering a state of the art exhibit.

Between the Trees Case Study

Teknion hired Vanderbyl Design to create a minimalist exhibit fabricated by the Taylor Group. Teknion needed a 30 x 40 exhibit that isolated attendees and created a sparse and tranquil environment to communicate their brand proposition. Teknion is an office interior design firm and manufacturer who specialize in innovative and functional interiors. In order to communicate their entire brand in one space, they wanted a simple exhibit, enclosing attendees, and showing the diversity of their offerings with custom AV stands and furnishings.

The particular message of this exhibit was to usher in attendees and inform them on the Teknion WorkspaceOne concept. Vanderbyl Designs created fabric walls that are raised 18 inches from the custom flooring with spandex and aluminum, with two seven foot tunnels flanked by ghost style graphics of the logo and workspace messaging. Within the space, guests were surrounded by a black and white toned forest and bright green custom furniture, sparsely situated. This booth is about what it was not, rather than what it was.

Build the Booth, For Less

In terms of recreating a space like this, we are fully equipped. Step one is your brand proposition. The part of this exhibit that makes it most compelling is the concept of the person and the work of people in bringing a space together that define a workspace. If you are selling produce, or pitching a product, this concept will not work. This is an excellent concept for securities and real estate propositions. Here is how we would design and fabricate your exhibit for half the price of the Vanderbyl Design.

Tunneling Entry:

Rather than a custom entry, we would use modular frames to build three walls and custom flooring with overhead rigging to give the allusion of an enclosure.

AV and Furnishings:

Here is one area where you would not get the same design flair as in the $100,000 design, however with a creative marketing department delivering compelling video loop, this should not make a critical difference. We would suggest using LED screens atop branded welcome desks sitting differing heights on all four sides of the exhibit space, with four identical seating configurations, encouraging circular seating for viewing.

Furnishings at Exhibit Experience are all state of the art and designer, so sleek styling is not a problem.

Graphics and Floors:

We offer Brumark flooring and a faux concrete would simulate an industrial floor, while liners would contradict the feel and be comfortable underfoot. All graphics are high resolution and may be rigged from overhead to achieve the forest feel of the Teknion exhibit.

Using just a few minor edits to this design concept in execution and by streamlining the fabrication and design into one exhibit house, we are able to reduce costs significantly. This exhibit was originally delivered in San Francisco and if it were delivered in either of our headquarters, Las Vegas or Orlando, we would be able to deliver this exhibit for even less. All exhibits in Las Vegas and Orlando are afforded complimentary shipping and handling. Exhibit Experience delivers the booths you are looking for, for less. We encourage clients to challenge our designers and teams to create new and exciting exhibits, and we welcome new challenges.

Do you have a #designchallenge for Exhibit Experience? Contact our team or tweet to us @tradeshowrental and we will choose a winner and offer them 15% off of their next exhibit. Consider Exhibit Experience for your next show!

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