Choosing a Local Las Vegas Exhibit House

Jun 24, 2019

Choosing a Local Las Vegas Exhibit House

Las Vegas is host to some of the largest trade shows in the world and there are dozens of exhibit houses locally and nationally to choose from. Choosing a local Las Vegas Exhibit House is critically important for showing your product or service to its’ best advantage. We would like to lay out some guidelines for making your decision and offer some of our expertise.


While many professional exhibit houses represent themselves as local to Las Vegas, not all fabricate and build exhibits in Las Vegas. Why is this important? With a local exhibit house, you are guaranteed that if there is an anomaly or discrepancy in the build, there is recourse and immediate solutions and staff on the ground to make sure your approved designs are carried out on time and on budget. Additionally, local exhibit houses have local vendors for food, service, and labor at your disposal that are tested and approved.

Industry Experience:

Not only is location essential for an exhibit house booth delivery and execution but industry experience showing at your tradeshow. If a trade show exhibit house has delivered a thousand booths in cosmetics, but not in security or packaging, then they are not equipped to understand the demands and the trends in these industries. Exhibit Experience delivers exhibits to all industries showing in Las Vegas, and has a portfolio to prove it!


Many exhibit house websites have incredible renderings, but do they have a live portfolio of delivered work? Incredible design is meaningless if it cannot be built and delivered within the trade show regulations and industry guidelines. All exhibits have specific industry standards and rules and regulations in which an exhibit must be built. Exhibit Experience has a combined 25 years in delivering exhibits that meet these standards.


Many exhibit houses concern themselves with designs then subcontract the build or vice versa. In order to deliver a successful booth, designers need to know what they can and cannot do. Some designers who are adept at renderings, do not have knowledge of the trade show floor and the specifications attending particular shows. A good example of this would be lighting meeting furnishings and flooring. Some show floors do not allow LED lights, if your designer is unaware of this, an exhibit will diverge radically from design to delivery. Our designers know the floor and design for the floor.

Builders and Managers:

Our builders are licensed and insured and they are carefully managed by the project managers who tie design with build to delivery. Builders must be in sync with the project and understand the goals of the booth. Managers are assigned from the moment a contract is signed. From the project timeline to the budget, it is the manager job to make sure that your project is built correctly and is fabricated to meet certification standards at your Las Vegas trade show.


Check your exhibit house references. The local Las Vegas Exhibit house industry is very competitive and there are new companies entering into the business all the time. Many builders and designers think they are able to deliver high-quality designs and builds without having the requisite experience, so references from past clients are essential to consider when choosing your exhibit house.

Why Choose Exhibit Experience as your Local Las Vegas Exhibit House?

Exhibit Experience designs, builds, delivers, and handles your exhibition every step of the way, from steps away from the Las Vegas Convention Center, The Sands Convention Center, and the Mandalay Bay Convention Area. Our all inclusive services are guaranteed and our reputation on Google is one of the highest in the industry. We price match our competitors in Las Vegas and always offer complimentary design and delivery to Las Vegas.

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