Branding Narratives for Exhibit Rentals at PMA 2019

Mar 27, 2019

PMA 2019 is on October 18 and 19 in Anaheim, California and if you have not started thinking about your exhibit, we would like to offer some innovative ideas for engaging your audience and broadening the scope of your brand at this show. The purchasing power on this trade show floor is massive, and we have delivered turnkey rentals for over a decade to PMA, so we know a thing or two about exhibiting with produce marketing in mind. This show offers a first glimpse into produce trade in the coming year and to get your produce or brand noticed, you will need to deliver a booth with maximum exposure and present a narrative that extends beyond the trade show floor, both past, present, and future. Below are some creative ideas to attract an audience, branding standards, and the technical showcase allowances at PMA.

Shelf and Showcase Allowances

Before you get started on your concept development for 2019, below are the allowances for the show. These are standard and do not represent the possibilities offered by Exhibit Experience’s custom shelving for nonperishables. Note: For florals, these do not apply.

  • Standard Showcase:
    • Shelf Dimensions: 35″ W X 16″ H X 11″ D (Dimensions in the floral units are 48” W x 21.5” H x 19” D or
      24”W x 33 ½“H x 19”D )
      Prices: Members: $799 ǀ Non-Members: $1598
  • Standard Shelf with Electricity:
    • Shelf Dimensions: 35″ W X 16″ H X 11″ D
      Prices: Members: $855 ǀ Non-Members: $1710
      Please note: all shelves are already lit with tube lighting. The electric upgrade is only if you need an outlet.
  • Refrigerated Showcase:
    • Shelf Dimensions: 23″ W X 15″ H X 20″ D
      Prices: Members: $1065 ǀ Non-Members: $2130

Branding Standards on PMA Trade Show Floor

Attendees step onto the trade show floor and are bombarded with sights, sounds, and images. You want your booth to be noticed. We recommend a 20 x 20 exhibit rental because it has a greater height allowance than the standard 10 x 10 or 10 x 20. However, if you are showcasing product exclusively, without the need for negotiations areas, a 10 x 20 booth is plenty of space and branding opportunity. A 20 x 20 space allows a hanging sign for long-range visibility that can orient your audience to your booth. Both the 20 x 20 and the 10 x 20 will then need to have high-resolution graphics to attract their audience directly into their booth and out of competitors. Once in the booth, the sale, sample, and close commence. Building a brand narrative is one of the best ways to engage your audience during and after the show and our ideas on building creative brand narratives are below!

Past, Present, and Future

Using the entire space of your 20 x 20 trade stand, you can tell the story of your produce and predict the future of its’ importance with custom welcome desk, branded historical timeline banner stands, and finally an impressive LED Skin AV wall that is programmed to show the history, importance, and story of your produce. Customers are increasingly more connected with their food sources and being able to communicate the history and chain of production transmits transparency in your product and instills trust in your buyer or distributor.

Produce to Product Interactive

If your product is consumed in many different forms, such as olives, for example, consider a 10 x 30 booth that acts as a timeline, in addition to demonstration space in how some products are made. Clearly, pressing olive oil at a trade show is out of the question, but to start with a banner stand giving information on the derivative olive, its’ region, history and importance in civilization, then moving onto the cured olive, and then olive oil with demonstrations or LED skin walls that depict the processes, with multiple branded sample stations, keep your audience engaged and your brand top of mind.

If you are looking for a reputable exhibit rental company, consider Exhibit Experience for your next trade show. We offer delivery of custom modular and modular booths within 45 days. All of our designs are complimentary!

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