2019 Color Trends for NRA Trade Show Graphics

Feb 6, 2019

Think all trade show graphics make an impact? Think again. Making an impact amidst hundreds of trade show booths at NRA Trade Show.  Even with a 20×30 custom booth and massive signage, if you do not have premier placement, in an appealing layout, with state of the art visuals, you may be disappointed with the ROI of your booth investment. We are using the upcoming NRA 2019 Annual Meeting convention as an example of very traditional marketing colors to get a 2019 upgrade. According to Pantone LLC Color experts, the below colors are the top trends in marketing and graphics for Spring/Summer 2019 and for your next exhibit, April 26-28, there is time to get your booth with fresh custom graphics combinations from Exhibit Experience.

Choose your combination and audience wisely when refreshing your booth look. Terrarium moss offset by Fiesta may lend an unappealing booth at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago, while it would be modern and earthy at MAGIC Las Vegas. Since we have the NRA Annual Meeting coming up, we chose 4 hues that would modernize the NRA booths of 2019 and update your booth for maximum exposure.  Show details are discussed briefly below if you have not booked your booth!


This festive hue is an ideal accent panel for a more modern graphics wall or a panel that provides dimension to a smaller booth. Additionally, with so much bright red and stark black at the traditional NRA booths, this is more exciting and radiant, than it is forceful. This color would also be effective as a solid panel wall in a booth. Red is associated with power, determination, and passion according to Color Psychology. This is why this color is used in combination with sales actions associated with marketing. Have you ever seen Buy Now in red?

Jester Red

This shade is deeper than fiesta and adds an elegant touch, pairing well with neutral greys. It can soften a very modern concept in new exhibit design. It is a classic shade often depicted in classic paintings, and in sportsman’s logos. This shade is similar to burgundy, a shade associated with higher classes and nobility. The National Rifle Association is one of the oldest traditional affiliations in the United States and deeper variations of this color would be common in its’ history.

Pepper Stem

Pepper Stem is a step up from a classic camouflage green.  It is a fresh alternative while still retaining the natural undertones, so celebrated at the NRA Show. If you are showcasing accessories that seek to emulate the great outdoors, we would recommend the integration of this new hot hue. According to Color Psychology, and represented widely in marketing, Green is an action and growth color. Green means go, generally, however, Green, in this instance, more naturally, looks like grow!


Eclipse is a stately shade of blue that offers an alternative to dark grey in graphics. Deep blues are classic for branding seeking to obtain trust from their clients and customers. This particular blue is an update to the cobalt or navy used in many lending or institutional logos and marketing. Considered together with a brighter shade, or terrarium moss, it would produce a combination that is earthy and elegant. Color psychology comments that this type of blue is associated with intellect, trust, and lack of emotion.

The NRA Show takes place in Indianapolis this year and draws a diverse crowd of sporting enthusiasts. Exhibit Experience has had the pleasure of representing a number of clients at this annual meeting and has expertise at displaying a wide variety of products and services at this show. For advance tickets to special events please visit their website, if you are looking to exhibit, exhibitor information is also available online. If you are looking to book a turnkey booth, contact our staff!

Exhibit Experience offers turn-key exhibit rentals at competitive pricing with all labor and materials included. Whether you are showing at NRA 2019, or MAGIC Show in Las Vegas, we have a full design team that is expertly trained at your show of choice and venue. From design to delivery to install to break down, we do it all, and we do it correctly. Contact us at rentals@exhibitexperience.com

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