30×30 SHRM Annual Conference Exhibit Rental

Stand out at the next event with the 30×30 SHRM Annual Conference Exhibit Rental. This booth setup brings together a perfect balance of style and functionality, designed to emphasize your brand and engage your audience.

Equipped with custom graphics and flooring, this exhibit mirrors your brand’s identity and creates a strong presence at the show. The 15′ hanging sign and a 3D logo further enhance your visibility, making it easier for attendees to find your booth among the crowd.

Catch the eye of every passerby with a 70″ TV with backlight, perfect for showcasing your multimedia presentations and keeping your visitors engaged with your brand story. A specialized attention area provides a focused space for showcasing your premium products or services.

The booth includes a reception counter with storage, ensuring your valuable items and exhibit materials are safely tucked away. For a comfortable networking and conversation setting, the booth offers a seating area complete with high-top tables and chairs.

The integrated lighting accentuates your display’s focal points, improving visibility and boosting the overall appeal. Additionally, to alleviate the burden of setup and teardown, the rental includes mantle and dismantle services.

If the 30×30 SHRM Annual Conference Exhibit Rental aligns with your trade show requirements, don’t hesitate to request a quote below. Leave a lasting impression at the conference with an exhibit that truly embodies your brand’s character.