20×30 Double Deck APSCON Show Exhibit Rental

Elevate your presence at your upcoming event with the 20×30 Double Deck APSCON Show Exhibit Rental. This comprehensive exhibit rental is crafted to deliver an unforgettable experience for both you and your visitors.

Boasting a dynamic double deck design, it enables you to make the most of your exhibiting space. The ground level features a demo station for live product presentations and a seating area for comfortable customer interaction. A counter with a secure storage area, as well as a reception desk, ensures an efficient, organized workspace.

Make your way up the stairs, cleverly designed with under-storage, to the upper deck, where a private meeting room accommodating up to 9 people stands ready for intimate discussions or presentations. TVs are tactfully placed for optimum visual reach and impact, and the hanging sign increases your visibility across the trade show floor.

The exhibit stands out with custom graphics and flooring to accentuate your brand aesthetics. Adequate lighting illuminates your space, creating an inviting atmosphere. To enhance convenience, mantle and dismantle of the exhibit are included, allowing you to concentrate on your presentation and networking.

If the 20×30 Double Deck APSCON Show Exhibit Rental aligns with your event strategy, we invite you to request a quote below. Let’s make your trade show journey extraordinary together.