Hong Kong Exhibit Builders Guide

Jul 21, 2019

Hong Kong Exhibit Builders Guide

Hong Kong Exhibit Builders Guide offers tips, regulations, and cultural structures to adhere to when exhibiting internationally in Hong Kong. This is one of the largest trade show capitals in the World and showing in Hong Kong can mean an Asian expansion for your brand and exponential potential for new trade, distribution, and manufacturing. In order to show to your highest potential, without overspending, see some of our tips below, and consider contacting Exhibit Experience for a custom quote on multiple international shows, or an Asian trade show route.



Good news! Without offices in Hong Kong, you are not charged VAT taxes for materials or labor.


You are responsible for disposal of your waste during the install and dismantle and there is a deposit that you will pay that includes overall waste. If you are considering a build and burn, be sure that materials are in compliance with the burn regulations and the fees are assessed prior to your show. Exhibitors are responsible for cleanliness during a show. Exhibit houses, such as Exhibit Experience, offer this service during show.


Hong Kong operates on 220 V system and US equipment that runs on 110V will need a step down transformer, which are available in great supply, but must be ordered by your exhibit house in advance.


There are no labor unions in Hong Kong and worker work eight hour days with breaks. Over eight hours is over time. Workers may be booked through your exhibit house or trade show organizers. Electrical work is completed through the official show contractor and special orders or requests should be made in advance. Crews work more quickly in Hong Kong and install takes generally less time than in the states.

Language and Signage

English is widely spoken on the trade show floor, however Cantonese and Mandarin are also spoken so a translator is encouraged. Signage is fine in English while all printed materials should be in Cantonese and English.


Exhibitors must pay for music rights, to do so contact the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd. (www.cash.org.hk) for details. Food and drinks are very common in booths of all sizes and must be ordered through the venues catering services, for coordination of this, our team will provide pricing. Note water is served at room temperature in Hong Kong.


Freight forwarders deliver your shipments directly to your booth number and there are no drayage fees.



Grasp both hands and offer a simple Nice to Meet You for greeting. Business suits are standard and branded attire is becoming increasingly accepted, so company polos will also work. Unlike other cities in Asia, Hong Kong is more relaxed with etiquette because of so many nationalities in one space. Be careful of eating too fast and do not start eating a dinner before you are greeted, your host will assume they did not order enough food!

Hotels and Transport

Peak travel season is September to November and if your show is within this time, you will need to book as far in advance as possible. Venues are easily accessible with public transport and if you are using taxis make sure your team has many written cards with where they are going to and from in Mandarin and Cantonese for drivers.


  • Hong Kong Book Fair
  • Hong Kong International Dental Expo
  • Hong Kong Advanced Audio Visual
  • HKTDC Food Expo
  • Comic World Hong Kong Fair
  • Seafood Expo Asia
  • Natural and Organic Expo Asia

If you are considering expanding your trade show routes east, consider Exhibit Experience as your Hong Kong Exhibit Builders. We offer turnkey American style exhibit service, in the far east. From taxes to taxis, we have your team covered. rentals@exhibitexperience.com.

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