Sweets & Snacks trade show booth rentals and custom exhibits

Apr 4, 2022

Confectionery and snack professionals, as well as manufacturers and producers, will meet up this May to connect, learn, and discover new products at Sweets & Snacks 2022 show in Chicago, Illinois. This is the event’s 25th anniversary, and the event is, year after year, the premier business-to-business event for the industry. Candy makers will satisfy your sweet tooth, while snack creators entice your taste buds. From specialty or gourmet to organic or classic, there is guaranteed to be a treat – sweet or salty – for everyone.

This is a can’t-miss event for anyone in the confectionery or snack industry.

The Sweets & Snacks 2022 exhibit hall features innovative new products, retail and consumers insights, and the opportunity to connect with thousands of confectionery and snack retailers, manufacturers and suppliers. All you need – aside from your fantastic products or services, is an exhibition booth that will grab attendees’ attention. 

Our first tip is to find a local Chicago tradeshow booth builder for the upcoming Sweets & Snacks 2022 show. Contact Exhibit Experience for your complimentary consultation.

Sweets & Snacks 2022 Show Details

Date: May 23-26, 2022
Location: McCormick Place

Exhibit hall hours:
Monday, March 7 – 6:45pm-9:15pm
Tuesday, March 8 – 10:15am-2:15pm
Wednesday, March 9 – 8:30am-12:30pm

Health & Safety

The Sweets & Snacks 2022 show organizers are committed to the health and safety of all who attend and participate. Organizers are closely following the public health situation. They’ve put together a few Health & Safety guidelines; read their Coronavirus COVID-19 FAQ page before you head to the show.


Sweets & Snacks 2022 partnered with onPeak to secure discounted rates at select Chicago hotels for attendees and exhibitors of Sweets & Snacks 2022. Visit their Hotels and Transportation page for full details and to book your accommodations. 


Who attends the Sweets & Snacks 2022 show?

All Sweets & Snacks 2022 attendees are vetted by the show organizers; they must prove they are members of the confectionery and snack industry to attend. According to the Sweets & Snacks 2022 website, thousands of industry professionals will be attending the show this May. These are the decision makers, from owners and presidents to specialists. Job roles include:

  • 30% Purchasing
  • 22% Operations
  • 22% Marketing or sales
  • 18% Category management
  • 8% Merchandising

Knowing their role at their company helps you create a booth message that appeals to their unique role in the company. Want to attract marketing or salespeople? Highlight key messaging strategies for your brand. Want to entice merchandisers to your booth? Make your product easy to replicate across different product lines. 

Now that you’ve got a message in mind, it’s time to find out which trade channels these attendees use in their day-to-day business:

  • 27% Specialty/military/department
  • 26% Distributor/wholesaler
  • 20% Grocery store or equivalent
  • 13% Alternative stores
  • 10% E-commerce/online stores
  • 4% Importer/exporter

Knowing how attendees distribute or sell their products gives you the opportunity to cater your message to their unique problems – and how your product solves them. 

What do attendees want at Sweets & Snacks 2022?

Attendees are looking to connect with new producers, discover the latest trends, and taste test new products. Many are also looking to network with top suppliers and industry leaders. According to the Sweets & Snacks 2022 website, 95% of attendees say networking at the expo “exceeded their expectations” and 92% say the same of the expo’s education. 88% “would recommend” the expo to their peers. 

By browsing the expo tradeshow floor and attending educational events throughout the week, attendees are able to predict shopper trends, get big-picture insights, and gain a starting point from which to grow their brand. 

Learn more about the attendees and why you should exhibit at the Sweets & Snacks 2022 show in their 2022 Exhibitor Prospectus

How can you make the most of Sweets & Snacks 2022? 

The first step is, of course, to create a compelling, attention grabbing booth that also engages potential customers in the booth itself. This is not as easy as it sounds! That’s why many exhibitors hire local tradeshow exhibit rentals for the upcoming Sweets & Snacks 2022 show.

Exhibit Experience has spent years designing and setting up winning booths. We know how to make the most of a big show like the Sweets & Snacks 2022 show … and we’re sharing a few of our tips with you. 

Here is a short checklist to get your exhibit booth started with style.

  • Pick the focal point, and product/service.
    1. Which of your products best fit attendees’ needs and wants? Do you have any new products that offer unique solutions? How can you let attendees experience these new solutions?
    2. Design a marketing/content campaign around what’s relevant and what’s new. Everything else can wait until you’ve established a new business relationship.
    3. Pro tip: If you plan on simply giving out samples, you will get a ton of product off your hands and not a ton of orders. Think about how you can change this up to incorporate a game or giveaways that will secure leads in exchange for the samples you give away.
  1. Choose the right booth size for your message.
    1. 10’ x 10’: ideal for a single product or service, or a small line of products. You have room for multiple display cases, 3D graphic wall, custom light displays and flooring, and one seating configuration.
    2. 10 x 20: good solution for those showing a variety of products. It has 20 feet of graphic back wall, multiple seating configurations for demonstrations and education, in addition to custom light and flooring that come standard with our exhibit rentals.
    3. 20 x 20: Exhibit Experience usually recommends 20’ x 20’ booths, as these offer demonstration space, enclosures for private viewing, and dozens of other configuration options. However, we understand that many companies have limited budgets this year.
  2. Decide if you will rent, build or hire an exhibition booth company to create your booth.
    1. Experience is key when it comes to standing out at large-scale tradeshows. 
    2. Hiring an exhibit booth company, like Exhibit Experience, will help you go that extra mile. 
  3. Design a memorable in-booth experience
    1. No matter the size, your booth should tell a seamless brand story. 
    2. Pro Tip: include an interactive experience for your booth visitors.
  4. Build and train the right team. 
    1. Having the right booth staff is just as important as having the right design. 
    2. Include a mix of people from sales, technical, customer service and management.
  5. Ditch the hard sell. 
    1. Instead of trying to get sales, focus instead on how your products or services solve a problem.
  6. Create an itinerary with the networking and social events, educational sessions, and other activities you want to attend. This way you and your team will know when you’ll be at the booth. 
  7. Follow up. Use the travel time home to send follow-up emails to thank visitors for their time and remind them about your company. 

Need a reliable booth builder for the Sweets & Snacks 2022 show? 

Exhibit Experience is the preferred trade show booth builder for the upcoming Sweets & Snacks 2022. We produce state-of-the-art exhibits within a variety of budgets. From custom to pre-certified exhibits, we’ll have the booth you need to show your company the right way. We will:

  • Design and build your exhibit to the right specs
  • Provide 24-hour support throughout the trade show.
  • Set up and take down your booth

The Exhibit Experience team has over two decades of experience delivering custom exhibits and custom modular exhibits that see instant results. Our exhibit management services are all-inclusive, from design to delivery. We will deliver your exhibit on time, on budget, and following all safety protocols.

If you are looking for a Sweets & Snacks 2022 show booth builder, look no further than Exhibit Experience! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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