Rio de Janeiro Exhibit Rental Guide

Aug 7, 2019

Rio de Janeiro Exhibit Rental Guide offers tips and practical considerations for exhibiting in Brasil’s capital. Exhibit Experience delivers exhibits worldwide and some of the biggest opportunities and biggest buying power per tradeshow floor are in Brasil. Many exhibitors will consider adding international shows to their trade show calendar, but are not sure where to start and how to find exhibit houses south of the equator, however, Exhibit Experience offers US-style concierge service and arranges all design, delivery, imports, and installation and dismantle, at one low price. If you are interested in showing in a Rio de Janeiro Exhibit Rental, read more!



VAT taxes vary by jurisdiction, however, they are generally 19%. For tradeshows certain items for display and for consumption, if you are in the food business, which is common in Brazil are tax-exempt and you can get a refund. Tax reimbursements in Brasil is extremely complicated and if you are not using an exhibit house with this experience, you will need to hire a company to do this for you. Brasil does not participate in ATA Carnet.


Show fees include daily trash service and if you have a build and burn exhibit, you are responsible for waste. We offer waste removal as part of our service.


Voltage operates on either 110 or 220 volts with two circular prongs, or two blades. This is the same as the United States.


Airfreight will take two days and shipping freight takes upwards of a month. Freight forwarders are a must where imports are concerned. We recommend a build and burn exhibit built by experienced local exhibit builders or a service like ours.


There are no labor unions in Brasil and labor is inexpensive with a variety of levels of experienced workers, however, with the variety comes the need for bilingual management. Flat fees are usually charged and you must be clear with work expectations as time there is not to the hour or minute, as in the states. Rio de Janeiro exhibit rentals are on average much less expensive to produce yourself using your own research, however, you will find there are some very major bureaucratic issues that are best dealt with by professional handlers.

Hospitality and Language

The official language is Portuguese and you should have a translator fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. All of your materials should be in Portuguese and English. Hospitality is normal in all booths, with larger booths serving full meals where space allows. Fruit, pastries, juices, waters, and wine and Caipirinha’s are also common during the afternoon. Table manners are important and dinners are late in Rio, past 8.


Greetings and Customs

Introduction, handshake, and business card is the usual procedure in greetings. Brazilians do business with friends so small talk is prevalent excluding politics, poverty, crime, or sexism. Avoid gift-giving or using the OK finger sign, as it is the same meaning as the middle finger in the US. Wear professional suits and avoid the national colors of green and gold.

Transportation and Accommodations

All hotels are about 25 minutes from the trade show venues and traffic is a problem in Rio. Have your transport and your hotel well-conceived over 6 months prior to the show, one year if possible. Do not get into a taxi or accept a flat rate. The crime in Rio is an issue, so have your plans well in advance and do not deviate.

Rio de Janeiro Top Shows

  • Super Rio Expo Food
  • IADC
  • Expo Franchising
  • OTC Rio
  • RIO Oil and Gas
  • LAAD
  • Access MBA
  • MarinTec

Exhibit Experience offers comprehensive international exhibiting services in Rio as part of our trade routes packages for exhibitors looking to show with one booth in multiple locations. We will provide a design in under ten days and a full breakdown of international pricing in under 12 days. Email us at for a consultation on a Rio de Janeiro Exhibit Rental.




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