Definitive Exhibitor Guide to PACK Expo

Jul 15, 2021

PACK Expo is coming. Exhibitors showcase their products at the PACKage Pavilion. Exhibitors and attendees are dedicated to printing and converting technologies, digital printing for foldable cartons, high-speed packaging, labeling, coding, and marking.

According to the PACK Expo website, 78% of attendees make or influence purchasing decisions. So, if you are in the business of packaging and considering trade show marketing to increase sales and distribution, this is a must-attend event!

Exhibit Experience has delivered dozens of exhibits to the PACK Expo, and there is still time to design and deliver your custom exhibit for this show. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Read on to learn more about PACK Expo, plus two tips on creating a show-stopping booth.

PACK Expo Basics

The Las Vegas Convention Center will host over 30,000 attendees to this show, and the PACKage Pavilion will hold hundreds of exhibitors within the 60,000 square foot space. If you haven’t already booked your exhibition space, you can do so on PACK Expo’s website.

Exhibitor Basics

We know that cost is important to know right upfront. Every business has a budget they need to meet. So, here are those important details for PACK Expo.

Rates & Requirements

The base booth rate is $31.25 per square foot for raw space.

  • Raw space is completely empty booth space at the show.
  • You will need to provide your own booth, as per the show’s specifications and requirements.

Here are just a few show requirements:

  • Exhibits under 599 square feet
    • Maximum 12’ height.
    • Hanging signs are not permitted.
  • Exhibits 600-1499 square feet
    • Maximum 14’ height.
    • Allows hanging signs.
  • Exhibits 1,500+ square feet
    • Maximum 18’ height.

Move In:

Your move in date is assigned by show organizers. All shipments and trucks will need to be unloaded by 2:00 pm on your assigned move-in date.

Exhibit Rental Rates:

At Exhibit Experience, design is always included in your rental cost, as is shipping to Las Vegas, since we are a local Las Vegas Exhibit House. Additionally, we offer flexible payment plans. Let’s get started on your booth design today!

Show-stopping Exhibits

The key to a show-stopping exhibit is integrating dynamic technologies into simple exhibit configurations, complemented and explained by properly trained staff.

Sounds simple enough… unfortunately, it’s not!

It can be a bit of a challenge because your dynamic integration needs to be well thought out. Here are two tips to get you started:

  • Incorporate a holographic wall with the evolution loop of your package – if it’s foldable, this is very achievable. You would have a foldable 3D hologram on a wall to attract visitors to your exhibit, then incorporate your promotional materials and a pitch station in the back privately to go over your brand proposition.
  • Make sure for every 10×10 space, there are two staff members: one from your team and one promotional sales specialist. This ensures that every potential attendee that walks into your booth will receive the attention they need to become your next big client.

If you’d like help implementing these ideas, or simply need a turn-key exhibit for PACK Expo, contact our team today! Free designs and free shipping – what are you waiting for?


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