MWC Los Angeles Exhibit Provider Insider Guide

Jun 14, 2019

MWC Los Angeles is coming October 22-24 and is one of the most anticipated shows in tech. When you consider the generation of the technology industry and the implications technology has for irrevokably altering entire workforces and industries, this show becomes even more compelling. This year the themes are bigger and the booths are bolder and Exhibit Experience has issued a challenge to our designers to come up with the most innovative booths yet to catch your business as a premier MWC Los Angeles Exhibit Provider. Below are some of the show statistics and quick information, and our insider tips for show stopping at MWC 2019.

MWC 2019 Who, What, Where, Why, and How


Mobile World Conference is a flagship event of the GSMA Organization which represents over 750 mobile operators worldwide and 400 subsidiary companies worldwide. Sectors within mobile operators include handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers, internet companies, and the issues that GSMA addresses collectively are spectrum service, public policy, industry identity, digital commerce, future networks, and the IoT. GSMA is a worldwide organization and MWC also takes place in Shanghai and Barcelona.


MWC is the 3rd annual meeting of GSMA and 2019 will cover the following themes: the 5g network and its’ proliferation, disruptive innovations, IoT, and immersive content. Over the three days, there will be hundreds of seminars and speakers briefing the industry on the status and projections of the industry. In addition, of course to the trade show pavilions that include big data, innovation, 5G technologies, and over 1000 participants.

Where, When, and How

MWC 2019 is October 22-24 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 South Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90015. Los Angeles is one of the largest international airports on the West Coast and offers hundreds of direct international and domestic flights. Travel and accommodation packages are available through Experient, which is the official travel and transport partner of the MWC show. We highly recommend using the official partner in your booking, as you will get secure rates and the highest level of organization without your own corporate travel planner.

Why Should I Show, and Why Should Exhibit Experience be my MWC Los Angeles Exhibit Provider?

Over 22,000 attendees, 1,000 participating companies, 400 speakers, and 2,500 of the top CEOs in tech will be at MWC 2019, according to GSMA. Additionally, over 100 countries are represented and over 200 of the top media analysts will be attending. The purchasing power on the trade show floor of MWC is enormous, however, 1,000 competitors mean the competition for these buyers and media analysts is as steep as it gets. Exhibiting effectively at this show offers exhibitors the real chance to catapult their business and using an exhibitor appointed contractor that has decades of experience, like Exhibit Experience, is the way to maximize your show ROI.

Exhibiting in technology and at MWC, in particular, is far different from your standard show in the midwest with monitors, banner stands, and some standard furniture. MWC exhibits need innovative overhead structures, dynamic visuals, and state of the art AV packages. For the MWC conference Exhibit Experience is offering new lighting concepts, projected overhead graphics, immersive product walls, and LED skin walls for continuous visual loops. Additionally, designer furnishings and organic touches are available in our catalog. Each of our exhibits is deliverable in 60 days and we offer modular, custom modular, and fully custom exhibits all configured to meet your specific needs and branding guidelines. We fabricate exhibits locally in Las Vegas, a few short hours away from Los Angeles and have been delivering to GSMA shows for the three years it has been in existence.

We are offering a special 10% discounts to booths over 20 x 30 to blog readers, contact our sales team for your complimentary design.



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