Moscow Stand Rental Guide

Jul 31, 2019

Looking for a Moscow Stand Rental? You are not alone. Across the US our exhibitors are increasingly pursuing opportunities to display in Europe and Asia as a means of introducing their product or service without the hastle of full blown marketing campaigns, focus groups, and test strategies. We are here to help. Our guide to Moscow offers practical tips if you are looking to show unassisted and also shows you how we assist your show across the pond with concierge style service.



VAT Tax is 18% on goods and work and 10% refundable on food and childrens goods. This is very straightforward, however if you are leaving goods in the country and sell from your booth you will be subject to a fluid tax of upwards of 15%.


220 Voltage with a two prong European plug style is the norm for Moscow and Exhibit Experience offers all adapters for your US appliances.


Waste is removed for installation and dismantle, in addition to daily service, only if you have ordered this from the show organizer.


Labor and laborer contracts are hired through the show. Show labor is considered very unreliable and will need to be managed by your staff throughout the I and D. There are no labor unions, so a worker can be brought over and we would strongly recommend having at least one pair of hands that understands your exhibit dynamics and design. You must use the official freight forwarder or be prepared to offer bribes.

Language and Signage

English is widely spoken, however as a matter of deference we recommend a translator at your booth. All signage and printed material should be in English and Cyrillic.


Smoking is permitted on the trade show floor, so be aware that this may disturb some of your staff. We can provide ashtrays and cleaning. All music must be registered  through Russian Organization on Collective Management of Rights of Authors and Other Rightholders in Multimedia, Digital Networks & Visual Arts (ROMS) at Hospitality is very prevalent and alcohol, snacks, and non alcoholic beverages are common from vodka to beer and wine. Larger exhibits should plan for a bistro and bar. We offer line items and catering in our Moscow exhibit rental quotes. Beer is considered a health tonic, so keep this in mind when considering the costs.


Greeting and Attire

It is normal for a hello with a handshake and introductions and references use both first and last names commonly. Be aware that a womans handshake will be weaker and if you are introducing a man and wife they add an a, so add the letter “a” on the end of surnames as so; Medvedev’s wife is Mrs. Medvedeva. Women tend to dress in a more flashy way and wear very high heels compared to US women and the dress is the same, most business attire. Bring lots of business cards as they are handed out freely.

Transport and Accommodations

Arrange your transport and accommodations 6 months prior to your show date to ensure the best hotels and transfers. We recommend transfers and private drivers for your staff throughout your stay and prepaid taxis if you are looking to venture beyond the trade show floor.

Tips to Know: Over half of the shows are organized with US interests, so many of the same regulations apply. It is considered rude to stand with your hands in your pockets. There are gangs that bribe entry into the trade show floor and take giveaways to sell on the street. Watch your belongings. US ok sign is considered vulgar.

Biggest Shows

  • Chapeau
  • MIBF
  • International Trade Fair for Tourism and Travel
  • Luxury Travel Mart
  • Junex
  • MWE

Exhibiting with a Moscow Trade Show Rental is an excellent way to expose your brand and service to an entirely new clientele, however, it is not without its’ challenges. We offer full Turnkey Exhibit Rental service in Moscow from design, to install and dismantle, to catering. Contact our staff for your international quote.

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