Money 20/20 Show Guide

May 15, 2019

Money 20/20 Show is coming October 27-30, is your exhibit ready? Our Money 20/20 Show Guide offers useful tips and show information on this new show. We are fortunate to have exhibited at this show before and know what clients are looking for on the floor, and how to best deliver it. What many people may not understand about global trade and global financial market speculation is based largely on the marketing of currency and cultural perception. At an event centering on money, cryptocurrency, in particular, you need to make sure that your money is marketed correctly.

What, When, Where

Money 20/20 is in its’ second year and is the world’s most important payment, commerce, and financial services event. This event is in its’ infancy with 2019 being the second year and it is focused chiefly away from traditional financial institutions and towards disruptive financial innovations. In laymen’s terms, Money 20/20 is a trade show uniting all those interested in alternative global monetary systems, most popularly, cryptocurrency. Some of the most traditional banking institutions will be attending this conference, as the speakers are impressive entrepreneurs, and as alternative monetary systems have the capacity to be mainstreamed, affecting traditional systems. This October will offer over 500 speakers, delivering over 100 hours of content, over 9 stages. 2019 Themes are Banking Transformation and Personal Finance, Payments and Commerce Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Investing, Digital Trust, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity and Fraud, Alternative Lending, and much more.

Money 20/20 2019 trade show will take place at the Venetian and Pallazzo from October 25-28. Special rates for rooms require a minimum of 2-night stay. Since the trade show will be held at The Venetian and Palazzo, it is to your team’s advantage to stay there as well. Direct international flights in and out of Las Vegas are easily obtained and there is no flight discount or transportation discount released currently. We recommend booking as early as late October in Las Vegas as this is a very busy month and accommodations book quickly.

Who attends, Why should I exhibit, and What is the best way to exhibit?

Money 20/20 attracts top banks, Fintech, investors, suppliers, startups, thought leaders, and financial revolutionaries. If you represent a cryptocurrency, are in the financial tech sector, are looking to diversify a corporate holdings portfolio into alternative currency, or network with some of the leaders in global thought, this trade show is state of the art and at the front lines of financial innovation. Exhibiting at the Money 20/20 is a complex proposition. How do you best show your brand if your brand represents potential wealth that is not yet mainstreamed or predicated on technology or markets not widely adopted? The answer is simple, the same way you exhbit materialized products or services.

There is no critical difference in creating a microenvironment based on a disruptive unrealized platform versus a realized platform. All the same recommendations apply. For maximum exposure to your brand and product, we recommend a 20×20 exhibit rental with overhead long range signage, medium range signage, and short-range signage. Long range signage should have a clearly defined logo or mission statement in two contrasting tones to attract attendees from across the floor. Mid-range signage should attract attendees from one or two aisles over and should communicate more clearly your brand proposition and service, with a call to your booth with demonstrations or swag announcements. Since this is a tech-oriented conference, we recommend more dynamic midrange signage in the form of LED skin walls with continuous video loops. Your short range signage is a mini sales pitch and includes, timelines, statistics, and brand narrative. Exhibit Experience is offering free short range signage banner stands with every 20×20 exhibit rental or custom exhibit purchase.
The Money 20/20 is a new show and is the main platform for global innovation in currencies and payment. This new show is reasonably priced and entry secures your space as a new player in the burgeoning field. Contact to secure your exhibit rental.

We are not affiliated with the Money 20/20 Show, we are a trade show exhibit house. Please direct non exhibit rental related questions directly to show organizers.