MODEX trade show booth rentals and custom exhibits

Nov 13, 2021

Next March, manufacturing and supply chain industry leaders will meet up in Atlanta for MODEX 2022. This is the biggest manufacturing and supply chain event in the Americas, and it happens once every two years. The world’s top buyers and industry representatives will meet up to connect with leading providers, learn from the industry’s best minds and meet with their peers from around the world.

“Exhibitors and attendees alike are eager to return to conducting business and experiencing the latest equipment, technology and solutions in-person,” says John Paxton, CEO, MHI. “There is no substitute for events like MODEX where you can see the solutions in-action on the show floor, learn about them in educational sessions and speak to the leading firms and innovators at one location to get answers specific to your operations. We are excited to provide this market access and knowledge opportunity for our entire community.”

If you are a supplier of manufacturing, supply chain, transportations operations, technology and equipment, MODEX 2022 is a must-attend event. Exhibit Experience has put together all the details you need to help transport you to MODEX 2022 and deliver your exhibition booth to show floor. Read on for our Exhibit Experience Guide.

Already planning to attend and need an exhibit? Contact MODEX 2022 trade show booth builder, Exhibit Experience today.

MODEX 2022 Show Details

Date: March 28 – March 31, 2022
Location: Georgia World Congress Center
Exhibit Hours:
Monday, March 28, 2022: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday, March 29, 2022: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesday, March 30, 2022: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday, March 31, 2022: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Accommodations & Travel
MODEX has partnered with onPeak to provide discounted rates at select hotels in Atlanta, GA. Find all the rates and options by visiting their Hotels webpage. MODEX also offers a complimentary shuttle bus service for those staying at designated MODEX hotels. For more information about the shuttle service and other travel options, read their Getting Around webpage.

Health & Safety
The MODEX 2022 show organizers will collaborate with the venue and review information provided by local, regional and national resources to create a safe, secure environment for all who attend. Check their Health and Safety webpage closer to the show dates to confirm the guidelines in place.

Who will be there?

MODEX 2022 is shaping up to be, yet again, the largest tradeshow in the industry. They anticipate over 35,000 industry professionals in attendance, from every state in the US and over 140 countries around the world. Attendees want to find the latest products, services and technologies to help their companies become more efficient and effective. Eighty-one percent of MODEX attendees don’t attend any other industry-related trade shows. MODEX is your only chance to reach them.

We’ve put together a few statistics to help you better understand who the attendees are, why they’re there, and what they want.

Who are the attendees?
They are key decision-makers in upper and middle management at major retailers and consumer goods companies. They are also representatives from fortune 1000 companies, senior buying teams and motivated individual buyers. Fifty percent of attendees come from firms with over 500 employees.

Eighty percent of attendees have full buying power, and 32 percent of them plan to exercise that power to spend a million dollars or more over the next 18 months on manufacturing and supply. Attendees have the following job functions:

  • 47% senior or corporate management
  • 29% warehouse/distribution/transportation/supply chain/logistics/3pl management
  • 25% CEO/President/COO/CIO/CFO/ CSCO/corporate VP
  • 21% engineering/IT
  • 10% sales channel partners/sales/ reseller/importer/exporter
  • 15% manufacturing/materials/ production management

Eighty-one percent have facilities over 100,000 sq. ft in size. Here are the types of facilities making purchases at MODEX events:

  • 73% distribution center
  • 63% warehouse supporting manufacturing
  • 50% manufacturing facility

Why are the attendees at MODEX?

  • 92% attend to see the latest products and developments in the industry
  • 88% attend to keep abreast of industry trends and issues
  • 87% attend to evaluate and compare products before purchase
  • 85% attend to see new products
  • 80% attend to see a specific product or company
  • 63% attend to network and learn

What are attendees looking for?

Here are the percentage of attendees looking for the following manufacturing and supply chain items:

  • 55% automation equipment
  • 50% automatic id systems & data collection
  • 44% autonomous vehicles
  • 35% batteries/chargers/motors/fuel/alternative fuel systems
  • 25% blockchain solutions for supply chains
  • 20% cleaning systems & equipment
  • 60% computer software
  • 40% consulting & systems integration
  • 65% conveyors & sortation equipment
  • 44% cranes, hoists & monorails
  • 24% drones & autonomous aerial vehicles
  • 45% ergonomic safety & protective guarding equipment
  • 54% forklift trucks, hand lift trucks & attachments
  • 30% information systems & controls
  • 68% order picking fulfillment & e-commerce delivery
  • 14% inventory & supply chain security
  • 27% loading dock equipment
  • 58% packaging, labeling, shipping, weighing & cubing
  • 45% pallets & containers
  • 50% racks, shelving, storage equipment & shop furniture
  • 20% parcel, freight & cargo distribution
  • 15% reverse logistics
  • 35% robotics & artificial intelligence
  • 20% sustainable facility equipment
  • 56% third-party logistics/transportation services
  • 30% wearable & mobile technology, including AR and VR
  • 31% work positioning equipment/workstations
  • 20% protective guarding

Eighty-three percent of attendees rank the return on their investment from the event as good to excellent. Eighty-four percent plan to expand their facilities by adding new technologies and equipment, and 40 percent plan to expand their supply chain capacity. This means they’ll be looking for products and services that will help them achieve their goals… and they’re likely to find them!

Will that include your company?

Exhibiting at MODEX 2022

With over 900 exhibits, MODEX 2022 represents all segments of the material handling, logistics and transportation industry, from traditional, manual equipment to computerized, automated systems and smart, connected supply chain technologies. To ensure attendees can find what they need – and exhibitors will connect with buyers who need their services, MODEX’s show floor will be divided into function-specific solutions.

  • Manufacturing & Assembly:
    • Booths will offer services and solutions related to manufacturing and assembly.
    • Attendees browsing this section are looking for:
      • Automated assembly support
      • Intelligent devices
      • Robotics
      • Ergonomic and safety equipment
      • Workstations
      • Overhead lifting equipment, light rail, and other equipment designed for a manufacturing environment.
  • Information Technology
    • Booths will offer IT and visibility solutions, systems integration, and consulting services.
    • Attendees browsing this section are looking for:
      • Manufacturing and supply chain systems
      • Software
      • Automatic identification solutions
  • Fulfillment & Delivery
    • Booths will offer products and services related to fulfillment and delivery.
    • Attendees are looking for help with:
      • Order fulfillment
      • E-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment
      • Order packing and packaging
      • Third-party logistics
      • Warehousing
      • Distribution
      • Transportation
  • Transportation & Logistics
    • Booths will offer products and services that buyers can see, touch and operate.
    • This section is focused on bringing people, markets, and goods together in a way that is faster, more efficient, and more sustainable.
    • Attendees are looking to test out solutions for:
      • Road, rail, sea, and air freight transportation,
      • Parcel delivery
      • Security
      • Autonomous vehicles
      • Robotics
      • Sensors
      • Supply chain management software
      • Third-party logistics
      • Reverse logistics
  • Emerging technologies
    • Booths in this section will offer leading-edge technologies
    • Attendees will want to see, touch, and operate next-generation supply chain solutions, including:
      • Sensors
      • Software
      • Cloud computing
      • Driverless vehicles
      • Robotics and automation
      • Predictive analytics
      • Artificial intelligence
      • Omni-channel fulfillment
      • Augmented reality, wearable, and mobile technologies

Ready to start preparing for MODEX 2022? There are a few things you can do to make sure your booth draws a crowd!

Exhibit Experience’s Tips

Local Atlanta tradeshow booth builder for the upcoming MODEX 2022 show, Exhibit Experience has spent years designing and setting up winning booths. We know how to make the most of a big show like MODEX 2022… and we’re sharing a few of our tips with you. Here is a short checklist to get you started and, on your way, to exhibiting with style.

  • Pick the focal point and product/service.
    • Which of your products best fit attendees’ needs (see list above)?
    • Do you have any new technologies that offer solutions to the attendee? How can you let attendees experience these new processes?
    • Design a marketing/content campaign around what’s relevant and what’s new. Everything else can wait until you’ve created a new business relationship.
  • Make sure you’ve picked the right Solution Center.
    • If you offer manufacturing and assembly services but you’re in the IT solution center, you’re going to have a tough time converting visitors into leads.
  • Choose the right booth size for your message.
    • 10’ x 10’: ideal for a single product or service or a small line of products. You have room for multiple display cases, 3D graphic wall, custom light display and flooring, and one seating configuration.
    • 10 x 20: a good solution for those showing a variety of products in the booth. It has 20 feet of graphic back wall, multiple seating configurations for demonstrations and education, in addition to custom light and flooring that come standard with our exhibit rentals.
    • 20 x 20: Exhibit Experience usually recommends 20’ x 20’ booths, as these offer demonstration space, enclosures for private viewing, and dozens of other configuration options. However, we understand that many companies have limited budgets this year.
  • Decide if you will rent, build or hire an exhibition booth company to create your booth.
    • Experience is key when it comes to standing out at large-scale tradeshows.
    • Hiring an exhibit booth company will help you go that extra mile.
  • Design a memorable in-booth experience.
    • No matter the size, your booth should tell a seamless brand story.
    • Pro Tip: include an interactive experience for your booth visitors.
  • Build and train the right team.
    • Having the right booth staff is just as important as having the right design.
    • Include a mix of people from sales, technical, customer service and management.
  • Ditch the hard sell.
    • Instead of trying to get sales, focus instead on how your products or services solve a problem.
  • Create an itinerary with the networking and social events, educational sessions, and other activities you want to attend. This way, you and your team will know when you’ll be at the booth.
  • Follow up. Use the travel time home to send follow-up emails to thank visitors for their time and remind them about your company.

Need some help with your booth? Exhibit Experience is here for you!

Exhibit Experience produces state-of-the-art exhibits within a variety of budgets. From custom to pre-certified exhibits, we’ll have the booth you need to show your company the right way. Our exhibit management services are all-inclusive, from design to delivery. We will deliver your exhibit on time, on budget, and following all safety protocols.

We will:

  • Design and build your exhibit to the right specs
  • Provide 24-hour support throughout the trade show.
  • Set up and take down your booth

Preferred trade show booth builder for the upcoming MODEX 2022 show in Atlanta, GA, Exhibit Experience offers turnkey exhibit booth rental services. We have over two decades of experience delivering custom exhibits and custom modular exhibits that see instant results.

If you are interested in local tradeshow exhibit rentals for the upcoming MODEX 2022 show and don’t know where to begin, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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