Microsoft Ignite Orlando Guide

Sep 11, 2019

Microsoft Ignite 2019 Orlando Exhibit Rental Guide

Microsoft Ignite 2019 is officially sold out and is one of the biggest events to hit the Orange County Convention Center and Orlando. Ignite is the biggest tech conference in the US and is from November 3-8. It brings together over 25,000 industry professionals whose specialty is software development, security, architecture, and IT. This conference offers over 1000 sessions and over 200 hands on experiences for attendees. If you are in software, security, and IT, this show is THE show to attend and if you have digital solutions, showing at Ignite is a real opportunity to gain thousands of dollars of orders for your products. Below is some show information and show demographics, in addition to our recommendations for showing IT products through exhibit marketing strategy.


November 4-8, 2019


Orlando Convention Center. Hotel Accommodations and transportation plans are available in bulk on the Microsoft Ignite Website, here

Demographic of Attendee

Attendees to Ignite are all those looking to learn the latest applications from Microsoft and the exhibition portion of the event is a trade show of new applications and developments compatible with Microsoft. If you are in IT, development, and in the management of IT, Ignite is a crucial seminar to refresh your education and learn new skills. Leaders are also part of ignite and seminars also are available for IT executive functions. Businesses who invest in sending their staff to Ignite are looking to advance capabilities and look for new solutions to IT pain points.

Exhibitor Profile

All developers and application providers compatible with Microsoft will be exhibiting at Microsoft Ignite and select exhibitors will be demonstrating their capabilities in sessions and hands on experiences. Please note that exhibitors are called Sponsors of Ignite! Here are some of the 2019 Sponsors

How to Exhibit Better at Microsoft Ignite 2019

Exhibiting IT is not straightforward and exhibits that perform the best are a mix of straightforward messaging, effective demonstration space, interactive promotions, and advanced system of lead capture. We will go over our top advice for each of these elements for you to apply to your exhibit. If you have not yet built your booth or are considering renting, contact our staff locally in Orlando for a complimentary turnkey exhibit rental quote.

  1. Messaging: Long range, mid range, and short range graphics are your vehicles for messaging. Long range is only available in 20 x 20 exhibits and higher, but mid and short range are just as important. Mid range needs to include images, large text, and is your call to action to come in the booth. Short range is part of your sales pitch and can include more text with company and IT numbers.
  2. Demo Space: Your demo space needs to house either software samples privately for pitching, such as a conference room, or be easy in and easy out demonstration, such as a podium with AV.
  3. Promos: Your promotions must have interactive components. Whether it accompanies a demo or has messaging and is edible, it needs to be more than just a giveaway. We have seen time and time again the promotional pen and button that never gets used again or is thrown away. If you go an edible route, be sure to have your lead capture software available with another giveaway onsite.
  4. Lead Capture: Prior to your show you need to choose the type of software you are going to use for your lead capture, conduct digital mining of the buyers on the floor, and prepare your capture goals and software for the floor. We recommend setting up demonstrations in advance and pre-show marketing and then your capture on the floor in combination with your promotional materials.

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