London Exhibit Builder: Global Delivery

Jul 29, 2019

London Exhibit Builder Global Delivery Guide offers you quick facts for exhibiting in London. From technical requirements to social cues, we offer commentary and expertise that only veteran exhibit designers and builders can deliver. If you are looking to exhibit in London and expand your brand across the pond, consider Exhibit Experience. We offer turnkey solutions to exhibiting abroad and full staff to assemble, design, and show your best, in any culture and environment.



London uses the standard European two pronged outlet, however their voltage is 240. Adapters are readily available, however this is part of our turnkey service solution.


The flat VAT tax is 20% on imported items and 5% on shipments. This is recoverable in the trade show industry, however you should enlist a professional or employ our services. The HM Revenue and Customs offers refund applications. ATA Carnet does apply.


In order to ensure that your shipments make it through customs, arrange for shipped freight to arrive 7 days prior to your show and air freight, 5 days prior to your show. Shipped freight can take one month and air freight to London will take about 5 days.


London does not have labor unions and does not charge drayage. Walls higher than 8ft must be covered and fabrics must be fire proofed. All exhibits must be approved prior to show and for complex booths requiring rigging, skilled labor must be hired from organizers. Each show carries specific regulations, so be sure that your London exhibit builder understands the specifications and requirements.


All contracting goes through venue and event organizers offer nightly cleaning to exhibitors.


Wireless plans are available through your domestic provider, or you can purchase a SIM card at the airport when you arrive.

Entertainment and Hospitality

Prearrange music with royalties and noise controls prior to show date. Noise is strictly enforced on the trade show floor. Hospitality is a big part of the British booth and most larger booths serve canapes and refreshments with happy hour readily available at the end of the show hours. Very large booths commonly serve full meals. We offer lite bite services and arrange in show catering, it is an additional line item in your turnkey quote.

Printing and Signage

Even though English is a common language, keep in mind the subtle differences in US english and British english when you are printing your materials.


Greeting and Language

The language of London is English and the greetings at trade shows consist of Hello and a handshake, however it is improper to use the first name unless expressly allowed. Keep in mind that personal space and noise is a pet peeve of British and the interactions should be formal with a business card at the end of a conversation. Do not make a peace sign towards yourself, it is considered very offensive.


Business attire is recommended in London and is more formal than other shows in Europe. Remove piercings and cover tattoos.

Transportation and Accommodations

Travel in the Tube or underground London system is very common and safe, however if traveling in groups of 4, the taxi fare is generally more affordable. Heathrow and London City are the best airports for flying to a trade show and there are dozens of hotels in walking distance to the major trade show centers.

London Trade Shows Not to Miss

  • International Invention and Trade Expo
  • Aviation Festival Europe
  • Dubai Property Show
  • IMPA
  • FSE
  • LFW
  • LIS

If you are looking for a London exhibit builder, we offer competitive rates for a fully Turnkey Exhibits trade show exhibiting experience. Our staff delivers custom, custom modular, and modular exhibits around the globe and coordinate all details and paperwork for importation, taxes, and more for one low price. Consider Exhibit Experience for your next London Trade Show.

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