ISSA 2019 Trade Show Builder Guide

Sep 19, 2019

ISSA 2019 Trade Show Builder Guide

ISSA 2019 Las Vegas is November 18-21 and registration is officially open. If you are new ISSA Interclean trade shows, you will find the most complete information directly on the ISSA site, however if you are returning and looking to “clean up” in sales leads on the trade show floor, Exhibit Experience is a leading Las Vegas Exhibit Builder offering exhibitor contractor services and marketing tips on the trade show floor at ISSA 2019.

Exhibiting at ISSA 2019 Trade Show, By the Numbers

ISSA is a cleaning association with over 9,200 members worldwide, comprised of manufacturers, builders, suppliers, in house providers, contractors, and associated service members. ISSA 2019 is the largest annual event and conference offering educational tracks, demonstrations, keynote industry speaking, and exhibitor spotlights. ISSA organizers anticipate over 16,000 attendees and 700 exhibitors for the 2019 show.

Cleaning is a 4.13 billion dollar industry and this show draws the correct buyer segment for your cleaning service, product, or brand. With the correct positioning, you can reach new buyer segments and close more business than through traditional sales and marketing channels alone. ISSA 2019 demographic predictions based on 2018 exit polls show that of the over 14,000 executive function attendees 38% distributors and wholesalers and 27% building service contractors looking to buy on the ISSA trade show floor. On average each exhibitor scanned 90 leads, attendees spent 5 hours on the trade show floor, and 2 hours in trade show exhibits. Of last years 693 exhibitors, 75% reported being satisfied with lead generation and attendee quality. These numbers and the show reputation make showing in a compelling booth that captures buyer attention and keeps it, essential to show success.


ISSA 2019 Trade Show Builder Tips

Exhibit Experience has built and delivered hundreds of exhibits this year to the Las Vegas Convention Center and our insight into the trends on the trade show floor are useful in your preparation for your ISSA 2019 Exhibit prep and purchase. Exhibit amenities such as state of the art AV and designer furnishings are just some of the standard accouterments requisite. Demonstrations need to be interactive, pitches need to incorporate new promotions, and your product needs an expert eye in display.  Two of the best ways to update your exhibit for impact on the trade show floor are using LED Skins for signage and employing VR/AR in demonstrations.

LED Skins are used as supplements or replacements for traditional vinyl or PVC graphics. They are programmed and hung on lightweight modular trade show frames and create a digital backdrop to your booth, communicating whatever visual communications message you want, to the minute. This precision in messaging gives your visual communications message more impact on a floor and you can edit your message down to the minute.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality demonstrations are an effective demonstration tool that reduce requisite trade show floor space and retain buyer attention. If you are looking to show buyers how a large piece of equipment works, how a fertilizer makes a plant grow, a simulation of new game or update to way of transport or distributing a product, you can engage an audience easily with VR/AR technologies. For more tips for your trade show floor, we offer full complimentary consultations.

Why Exhibit Experience?

We are a preferred ISSA 2019 Trade Show Builder for a reason. Local to Las Vegas, state of the art exhibits, and a top resource for event planners and meeting organizers in the trade show industry, we design booths within your time frame and within your budget. In addition to exhibit design and fabrication, we offer local vendor coordination, accommodations, transport contacts, and provide concierge service during the show. If you are interested in more of our trade show expertise and an RFP on showing in Las Vegas with a custom modular exhibit rental, custom trade show design, or a modular exhibit rental, contact a member of our staff for your ISSA 2019 exhibit.