Expo 2020 Dubai Exhibits and Guide

May 20, 2019

Expo 2020 Dubai Exhibits are in peak production in addition to the completion of the state of the art pavilions that comprise the Dubai 2020 Expo. We are pleased to offer an abridged guide to this incredible exposition that will showcase the latest technologies and attractions, literally the world over. World Expos were created in the late 19th century as a means for countries to extend their trading power and bridge cultural gaps. They continue today as platforms for the future of trade, tourism, and technology. Our guide offers show basics, and information on how to show or plan an event around this global event.

What is the Dubai 2020?

Dubai 2020 is the largest event held in the region, ever, and will welcome 190 countries and 25 million visitors. The event takes place in a created district, in the legacy of other World Fairs, and pavilions are erected by participating countries to showcase the latest architecture and technology in the spirit of the themes of this year’s fair. For six months starting in October 2019 ending in April 2020, this district will host events, hold exhibits, and attract millions to this anomaly in the United Arab Emirates. World Fairs celebrate culture, innovation, and collaboration of all countries in the world and seek to create a meaningful legacy in each area the pavilions are erected as reminders of the collaboration and themes of the year’s events. These fairs take place every five years and if you are an avid traveler, chances are you have seen many former sites, as the participating architects and designers usually are world renowned!

What are the Dubai 2020 Themes?

Dubai 2020 Expo’s Main Theme is Connecting Minds and Creating Futures. Within this main theme of connectivity and creation, the sub-themes are sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. Each of these pillars is the central theme of a country’s pavilion and has an independent pavilion dedicated to it. All pavillions have food and beverage, live performances, and retail.

Opportunity Pavilion

Opportunity Pavilion is designed to engender empathy and inspire visitors to act in creation of a better world. Visitor experience is predicated on game play moments that touch on critical issues facing humanity such as the basic needs of water, food, and energy and simulate environments where individuals can enact change. The pavilion is made of entirely organic materials including timber, stone, and woven rope.

Mobility Pavilion

Mobility Pavilion explores the meaning of past, present, and future movements of man through the use of various platforms, robots, and AI technologies. This pavilion serves as the city of tomorrow and contains the most advanced technologies on the market.

Sustainability Pavilion

The need to sustain and rebuild the systems and environments damaged since the industrial age is realized and brought to life in this pavilion. The Terra Pavilion is the most innovative of the three and offers VR, AI, and incredible interactive experiences underscoring the importance of sustainable practices, and preservation.

Participating Country’s Pavilions by Theme

Opportunity: Austria, Belarus, Japan, Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine

Mobility: Belgium, Finland, Republic of Korea, Oman, Poland, Thailand, USA

Sustainability: Azerbaijan, Brazil, Czech Repubic, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden

Looking for international brand exposure?

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