Buenos Aires Exhibit Builders Guide

Jul 21, 2019

Buenos Aires Exhibit Builders Guide from Exhibit Experience is part of our global guides series for exhibitors looking to expand their trade show network and build a trade show calendar that supports their sales teams and deadlines. Many of these shows that are promoted here worldwide are extensions of the same shows in the United States, such as InfoComm, CES, Seatrade, and MWC, however, some may not have the funds or the bandwidth to attend. We are here to show you exhibiting internationally is easier than you think, with the correct exhibit builder. See our Buenos Aires Guide for the best showing instructions in one of the biggest trade cities in Latin America, and check-in for more trade show guides and tips.



There are no labor unions in Buenos Aires and both show organizers and exhibit houses can easily rent staff for your I and D, however, all must be insured. Certified electricians are required for all electric and fire proofing must be completed prior to show, and a bilingual manager is recommended throughout the show I and D .


Air freight takes 4/5 days and shipped freight takes 5-8 weeks. Clearing customs can take an additional 10 days, with the correct paperwork. Shipping to Argentina and importing is very difficult and you must use a local freight forwarder and customs clearing agent. This is a service and coordination we offer our clients as part of our packages.


Buenos Aires uses 220 Voltage power with a three-pronged outlet. It is the same voltage system as Europe, however, it is a different outlet. If you are going to have a regular international trade calendar, multiple adapters are recommended.


The flat VAT tax in Argentina is 21% however, you can apply for the  Argentine Temporary Admission Regime (TAR), which is a waiver that applies for temporary imports. This is one of the items that your exhibit house will be able to arrange, if you use a US house, such as ours.


Unlike many shows in Europe, waste generated during the I and D is removed by show organizers or Buenos Aires Exhibit Builders, however, the daily waste removal and nightly cleaning is a paid option available.


Royalties will be collected by the Argentine Society of Music Authors and Composers and show organizers and you need permission prior to the show.


We purchase SIM cards for your use during the show, or your team can purchase prepaid cell phones. Renting phones is an obsolete practice.



Buenos Aires is a warm business environment with hello’s and non business discussions as part of the normal proceeding. Business dress is required, however a strong handshake without two hands or a kiss is considered disinterested. English is sometimes used, but Spanish is the main language and is expected. We arrange for translators as part of your show staff in our Exhibit Amenities line items.


Food and beverage is very common in larger exhibits and off site dinners are also very common. We orchestrate dinners and offsite events for clients as part of our services.

Tips, Hotels, and Transport

Buenos Aires has a good amount of petty crime, so be sure to keep an eye on belongings and stay only in the heavily trafficked areas where tourists are. Even in hotel rooms, petty theft is common, so use your safe. Arranging private transport through your hotel is very affordable and recommended prior to your show date by at least 4 months. Direct flights to Buenos Aires are most affordable out of Miami.


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If you are considering adding Latin America to your trade show calendar, and are looking for Buenos Aires Exhibit Builders consider the comprehensive turnkey exhibit services from Exhibit Experience. We offer travel planning, tips, translators, accommodations, and more for our international clients. You get US-style services and global exposure and opportunities.



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